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4 Amazing Benefits Of An Elite Branch Relationship

June 13th, 2022 // branchright
Elite Branch Relationship

Elite Branch relationships offer lots of amazing benefits for mortgage net branches. This includes full commission, employee benefits, and more.

You may have come across several articles on “net branching” and “mortgage companies”. While most of these articles explain the above terms, only very few go ahead to tell you the essence of an elite branch relationship.

Simply put, an elite branch relationship is the relationship that exists between a mortgage net branch and the mortgage parent company.

In this article, we have decided to objectively state the benefits of an elite branch relationship or at least, what you might stand to gain if you enter into one. 

Care to know what these are about? Let’s dive straight in.

Run your mortgage business without thinking of heavy-weight stuffs

An elite branch relationship means you get to manage a mortgage net branch. Based on the agreement, most parent mortgage companies provide all the needed support in the form of training, accounting, and license.  It also gives the net branch manager the full ability to operate the business as an entirely different entity while functioning under the protection and license of a proper mortgage banking institution.

This helps the mortgage net branch develop properly and fast while leveling the playing ground for a small branch. 

Being the branch manager can be likened to an entrepreneur who can utilize their expertise, knowledge, and ability, with the help of a large mortgage institution to set up a stable mortgage business. 

Earn Full Commission

One of the major benefits of getting into an elite branch relationship with a mortgage parent company is that you get to earn the full commission as the mortgage net branch. If you decide that you need a loan originator to work for you and therefore employ one, you would need to set up an agreement concerning the commission that you get based on the production of the originator.

Say for instance, you can decide to take about seventy percent of the profit or more depending on the amount of the loan that the originator you hired can produce. 

This is one major reason loan officers might want to work with you when you get into this type of branch relationship. More so if the current leaders they work for are unable to provide enough services for them or are missing potential loans due to their inability to manage or access mortgage products.

Employee Benefits

If your lender or parent mortgage company has access to a large amount of capital, they can offer employee benefits that you might get to benefit from. This can sometimes include health benefits, dental benefits, vision benefits, and sometimes, an option for a 401 (k). 

This would improve your own morale especially if you get to be in charge of a mortgage net branch. Apart from these, you also get access to new leads.

The juiciest part  is that you get to enjoy the benefits of an employee but you don’t have to work as one.

Agency Relationships

Large mortgage companies have better mortgage flexibility guidelines. Apart from their vastness in the world of mortgage lending, they can also offer you direct access to some of the best mortgage agencies due to the relationship you have with them. 

This will not only help you beef up your sales, but also your overall business. You can also provide more diverse options for customers.


There are tons of amazing benefits you get from an elite branch relationship. Listed above are some of them and more of which Branch Right offers. Wondering if it works for you? Get in touch today.