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4 Top Reasons You Should Consider Net Branch Mortgages

August 30th, 2022 // branchright
Net Branch Mortgages

If you are a mortgage advisor seeking opportunities to increase your level of income, you consider net branch mortgages. This article tells you the top reasons to.

As a mortgage advisor or loan officer, you have an opportunity to increase your level of income by becoming a net branch manager with large mortgage companies.

Net branch mortgages are fairly simple. It involves a mortgage advisor becoming a net branch manager for a larger lender with their consent in the chosen location of the advisor. Majority of states in the U.S require the net branch mortgages operator to be under the license of the larger lender.

This is beneficial for you as a loan officer or mortgage advisor because you get to run your business as a separate entity under the license of the mortgage lender without all the liabilities attached. There are many other benefits that will be discussed in this article.

Are you a mortgage advisor or loan originator

Here are top reasons to consider net branch mortgages.

It is Cost Effective

It is very much cost effective to start a net branch. You do not have to put in a large financial investment. Large mortgage lenders are disallowed from collecting huge fees from mortgage advisors intending to begin net branches. 

Nonetheless, they make sure that the loan officer is capable of running the branch effectively and making enough profits. One major way this is usually ascertained is through performances and commission numbers.

Easy to Manage

Mortgage net branches are easy to manage. As a loan officer, you are able to outsource different other originators that will carry out direct operations for you. If you are the manager, you operate the net branch as a different business from that of the lender, while the branch is still protected by the larger parent company. 

This is effective, because it takes away the stress of running a mortgage company but lets you have the benefits. 

As a branch manager also, you’ll be able to establish the base of several stable businesses with the help of an established mortgage lender. As a result, various associate companies will provide the needed support in licensing, accounting, and training.

Access To Bigger Profits

A major advantage of net branch mortgages is that you have access to bigger profits. People tend to trust net branches more than they trust a mortgage advisor working alone. When the customers flow into your net branch, you are able to make more money based on the agreement you have with the mortgage lender. You can also retain your clients. 

As a net branch originator, you can increase the products in your portfolio which is another way of growing your customer base and increasing profits. 

These new customers can belong to different groups, come from different communities or professional roles. You just have to keep open a wide portfolio.

Opportunity to Boost Your Reputation

As a mortgage advisor or loan officer, originating branch mortgages give you an opportunity to boost your reputation because you now work with a larger corporation. People in the locale where the net branch is situated will see you as an authority because you sell the products sponsored by a large mortgage company. 

You can also benefit from the increase in returns because you earn more commissions which is also based on the terms of agreement with the parent company.


There are top reasons to consider net branch mortgages as discussed above. However, the parent company should be able to offer the net branch a strong system of support, so the net branch can run smoothly.

At Branch Right, we help mortgage advisors venturing into net branches with all the support they need so much it doesn’t feel like they’re starting from scratch. 

What you stand to gain from net branches include higher profits, easy management, cost effectiveness, and better reputation. Still, they are only achievable with the right parent lender.