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5 Strategies To Attract More Business In Mortgage Branch Opportunities

July 26th, 2022 // branchright
Mortgage Branch Opportunities

One way to attract more business and keep the customers flowing in mortgage branch opportunities is to communicate with your customers and clients. 

As a mortgage branch manager or loan officer, remember that you are operating a branch of a parent bank as if it’s your own, so determining the best mortgage programs that suit your customers falls on you. 

In order to provide your customers great service, you need to understand all the important details like loan amount, property type, and credit score. However, you need a steady flow of repeat and new customers if you want to keep your mortgage business healthy. How do you attract more business?

Here in this article, you will learn five strategies to attract more business in mortgage branch opportunities. Want to know more? Read on.

1. Tell People About What You Do

If you want to gain new business, you need to spread the word and know the right people to connect with. Start by reaching out to and building solid relationships with other industry professionals so that your referral network can get wider.

Other firms in the Accounting and CPA industry might have clients who are selling or buying homes and can help you with referrals. 

If you need local information too, Appraisers are a good source you can get the information that you need from, for instance, which real estate agency sells the most homes in an area.

With all this information and standard communication, relocation specialists and real estate attorneys can refer prospects to you or a listing agent can team up with you so that you can help sell each other’s services.

2. Get Involved

You can invest in a website that has your information which includes the services you provide, resources that potential customers can find helpful, and documented word-of-mouth from previous clients. 

You can also sell yourself by placing digital ads on the websites of real estate agents so that your contact information is readily available to mortgage seekers who are searching for listings. You could be the first point of contact from what they see. You can also promote your services with a radio ad or television commercial.

Being on social media also gives you additional room to promote the services you offer. Testimonials provided by satisfied clients on social media platforms will help form a network of new businesses.

3. Referrals

One easy way to get new mortgage businesses is by referrals, especially word of mouth recommendations. This is even more helpful when trying to widen your reach from the people in your locality to other people who are relocating to your area and need to get their mortgage.

This is why it is important that you deliver the best services and that previous clients have good results, it will encourage them to talk about your mortgage branch when someone needs a mortgage.

4. Inquire About Your Customers

Inquire about your customers by asking them open – ended questions. Instead of talking with your customers about the loan amount and type of mortgage they would like, you should instead ask about the length of time the customer intends to spend there, their future plans with the house, and if they are interested in cashing out on the property. 

Asking these kinds of questions gives you room to provide superior service, and can help you discover the true needs of your customers, which inturn provides a connection, better services, and more business.

5. Communicate

The main desires of your customers are obvious; new homes and closed loans. Being able to communicate, however, is one of the major ways you can meet these needs. Understanding that your customers work with you because they feel understood is an important part of the business.

After networking, you need to communicate. This is the major way you can maximize all the hard work that you have out in.


Attracting new customers and business for your mortgage branch opportunities is important to keep your head above water, however difficult this seems, there are ways to go about it. 

Telling people about what you do, getting involved, getting referrals, and inquiring about customers, and communicating are the ways that you can attract more businesses in mortgage branch opportunities. All these have been extensively discussed in the above article.