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Core Values To Look For When Engaging In Mortgage Branch Opportunities 

September 20th, 2022 // branchright
Mortgage Branch Opportunities

The core values you should look for in an ideal lender when engaging in mortgage branch opportunities include: transparency, accountability, integrity or loyalty, and the philosophy of the business.

How do you envision the right lending partner? If you want your business to grow, you’ll tend to envision a partner that offers guidance, technology, stability, support, opportunity for expansion, and growth. 

Working with a parent company that delivers excellent service and the needed experience is important to succeeding when it comes to mortgage branch opportunities. High producing loan originators and branch managers experiencing success in the industry often have the right partners to propel them forward.

How do you know the ideal mortgage lender? We’ve done the bulk of the work by providing all you need to know concerning this topic. Here are the core values you need to look for in an ideal lender when engaging in mortgage branching.


The lending company should be transparent. They should be able to win your trust by hiding nothing about their business. An ideal lender would establish their image as honest and credible among others. 

Look at the terms the lender is defining. Is it clear enough? Are there ambiguous statements or pitfalls? You might decide to go with a lender that is not very transparent because you feel you’ll be running the branch independently. However, you will not be able to connect ideally with your lender. 

Also, beyond being a lender, they’re also partners which can be dangerous because clients won’t trust you since they view the team as one. 

A transparent lender is important for your growth and success as a branch manager.


You’ll most likely run the mortgage branch independently depending on the terms you sign with the lender. As a result, you might be wondering if the lender owes you any accountability. They do. 

The lender is responsible for giving you protection and covering, because they’re called the ‘parent company’. So, while they might not have direct access to your income and expenditure, they should be able to show concern even if they’re not obligated to.

For instance, you might need extra staff or hands-on at your branch, you might need to train your staff. An accountable lender would be willing to help because they understand that whatever you do affects them and vice-versa.

When lenders are accountable and understand the areas in which they should take responsibility, work is carried out faster and more efficiently. In the reverse, you might start to struggle with your branch and your clients.

Integrity and Loyalty

The lender must have a track record of consistent loyalty and honesty. They must be known for not compromising their standards and having a  strong ethic. Make research and measure their last actions. How accurate are they? Do they stay through to their contracts? Do they form relationships with their branch managers first? How loyal are they?

Having the right answers to all these questions is important for the mortgage branch opportunities. If a lender doesn’t come across as having integrity or being loyal, you should not get into business with them.

Business Philosophy

Consider the ethics of the lender. You should know the fundamental principles that run their business and decide if it’s worthwhile for you. Do they consider teamwork important? What moral obligations do they have to fulfill?

Most times, you can find the rest of the core values discussed above in their philosophy. It’s what states who they really are and what they stand for.

Final Thoughts

There are core values you should look out for when seeking an ideal partner for your mortgage branch opportunities. These values have been explained in the above article in detail. To grow as a mortgage branch manager or loan officer, these qualities are vital in the industry.

Branch right provides all these qualities you’re in need of and more. When you team with us, you strive better and grow faster in the mortgage industry. We make sure to help you achieve your results in the best way we can.

The core values discussed above should not be overlooked as they are important for your success in the mortgage industry.