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Elite Branch Relationship Factors To Consider As A Branch Manager

June 27th, 2022 // branchright
Elite Branch Relationship

For an elite branch relationship to work, you need to consider some major net branching factors as a manager.

For most people who have pursued the right net branching opportunities, part of the benefits that they’ve gotten to experience include growth, stability, and better prospects that aid long-term success. For others who have pursued the wrong net branch opportunities, what they’ve gotten to experience is pitfalls and sometimes debts. 

As a result, it is important for every manager and originator to perform due diligence before entering into an elite branch relationship

So what do you do? As usual, just like in any crucial situation where you’re open to several alternatives, the first thing to do is ask questions and take certain factors into consideration.

But you might be asking, what net branching factors should you consider as a branch manager?

In this article, you’ll learn about all you need to know about the net branching factors you should consider as a manager.

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Is the Parent Company Legal

As a manager entering into a net branch relationship, you surely want something that’s going to last. No one wants to enter into an agreement that is only going to last a few months and probably get them into debt. This is one of the major reasons why you must look at the legality of the engagement and your partnership before entering into a full agreement so you can ensure that everything is done according to law.

All branch operations are not usually equally set. These types of engagements are governed by law and if you’re caught in any type of illegal engagement, you could be heavily sanctioned. Different states have different statutes that govern mortgage terms and you need to understand very well. While some states have specific laws, other states only say that net branching is legal, and still, some other states have no laws or statutes regarding these types of mortgage engagements.

Are they a reputable mortgage company

Do you know the reputation of the parent company with which you are having an agreement? What is their reputation like? It is important to understand that customers do not always make research about the specifics of a net branch, what they simply do most of the time is conclude that your branch and the parent company are one. 

Some net branches have earned themselves a bad reputation with lenders, customers, and even regulators by simply tying with the wrong parent company. Before signing, make more research about the company in question, do your proper findings and ensure that you are dealing with a partner that will not destroy your reputation.

For an elite branch relationship to work, you need to carry out lots of due diligence before signing a net branch agreement. The most important aspect of everything is that you must ensure the company that’s doing the “parenting” comes up with an agreement that leaves both of you content. Only a successful net branch agreement will allow you venture successfully into the market.


What are the net branching factors you need to consider as a branch manager? You might have a host of them on your net branch management list but the two most important factors are legality and reputation.

Is the parent company legal? Are they reputable? You don’t want to spend time and resources entering into an agreement that you find doesn’t fit what you stand for at the end. The importance of these two cannot be over emphasized.

However, with branch right, you basically do not have to worry. We ensure that these factors are in place. The essence of both have been discussed in the article, so you can understand the importance.