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Guide On How To Start A Net Branch

April 20th, 2021 // branchright

How To Start A Net Branch A Guide

How To Start A Net Branch

When learning how to start a Net Branch, it’s important to understand the value of creating a strong base for your business.

A net branch is only successful when it is well-planned, professionally managed, and built for the long term Otherwise, it is not going to hit the ground running lead to production issues.

For those who are thinking about running as a branch manager in their area then it is time to look at what a net branch has to offer.

When starting a net branch, it’s best to assess your options and follow the tips that are listed in this guide.

Minimum Production Requirements  

It starts with the minimum production requirements that are in place when it comes to working as a net branch. You will want to go through the nuances of setting the operation up and this includes having an incoming of $5 million that is going to be used as the baseline for everything that happens moving forward.

The reason for this has to do with making sure there’s a certain amount of production being handled by the net branch to make it worthwhile for everyone involved. In most cases, this is set at $5 million. 

It is important to go through and look at the underlying metrics when setting things up. This can save a lot of time and make sure the net branch starts on the right foot.

Cash Flow

When learning how to start a Net Branch, it’s equally important to focus on the finances.

A net branch is going to be running as a business, which means there has to be a certain amount of available capital for the operation to exist. If there are any hindrances in this regard, it can take away from how the net branch does.

The recommended amount is to have at least enough cash flow to facilitate the opening of the net branch along with the production requirements for the parent mortgage company. This is in line with the production metrics listed above.

It is best to have all of these details ready to go to make sure the business runs on a strong financial base that will only get better with time. 

Risk Assessment

Entering any type of business as a branch manager means you have to look at the risk of working in that area. There are specific markets that are not going to do well for mortgages while others are going to thrive. It’s important to pinpoint which target areas are best for your situation.

A branch manager is going to be evaluated for this particular requirement and is going to have to answer for this specific detail.

If the risks outweigh the benefits then that is not the right option for both the parent mortgage company and the branch manager.

This is why the risk assessment is done in the first place. It’s a baseline for the business to work with when it comes to understanding the intricacies of starting a net branch and what is needed to move forward the right way.

Parent Mortgage Company 

This is going to be where the “branch” comes from.

To run a net branch, you are going to need an overseeing parent mortgage company. This is the company that is going to be running the foundational elements of the business while allowing the branch to thrive in its location.

Some fundamentals have to be agreed upon and there are specific requirements that apply. 

This is similar to running a franchise where there are specific mandatory requirements. However, the branch manager will also gain the freedom to tap into the power of the core brand as a way to market their personal operations. 


It’s important to understand the legal obligations that are in place for net branch operations. You will want to have all of these legal details ironed out to the best of your ability.

This includes all pertinent licensing and certifications needed to run the operation. If not, it is possible to deal with cumbersome legal trouble. In fact, most mortgage companies will not be associated with these types of setups because of the risk involved in the process.

It’s best to go through this part of the process as soon as possible to avoid delays. 

For those learning how to start a Net Branch, it’s important to start with the basics. You want to make sure the foundation of the business is on a strong base to make sure the rest works out as intended. A lot of clients struggle with this and don’t know where to begin.

With the help of a parent mortgage company and the right type of risk assessment, it’s possible to get started without struggling. 

Take the time to do your research and analyze what your options are moving forward.