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Why is MortgageRight Unique?

April 26th, 2023 // Alvaro Moreira
The MortgageRight Test Drive

MortgageRight is a mortgage company that partners with its Producers to help them grow their business by providing better rates and margins in order to win more deals. We have a very specific strategic plan that is centered around producing and supporting highly productive Producers.

We are aggressive from a compensation standpoint – typically paying 75 BPS to 125 BPS more than our competitors since our rates aren’t padded. We look for high producing originators with a good sustainable book of business and we embrace the vision of helping to grow that business using better tools and a better process.

We have also expanded our underwriting team staff to provide originators with faster turn times and better service levels. This allows our producers to be more competitive with both pricing and service levels, two things that are critically important in the referral-based business that they bring to the table

We have a strategic plan that is centered around supporting high producing originators.

We know the struggles you experience. We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we created a platform that is designed to give you the lowest rates. As a Branch Manager with MortgageRight, you’ll be able to sell with confidence, knowing that your rates are hyper-competitive, and all of your closings are guaranteed to close on-time!

MortgageRight – PriceRIGHT

Better pricing enables you to offer lower rates, attract more business, close more deals and, of course, make more money. The more successful you are, the more everyone wins!

MortgageRight – UnderRIGHT

Our Fast-Pass Underwriting system is the best in the business, guaranteeing an unmatched 24-hour underwriting process and same day clear-to-close.

MortgageRight – CloseRIGHT

Never miss another deadline or lose another referral partner again. MortgageRight guarantees your on-time closings, or your next marketing campaign is on us!

What makes our true P & L branch platform untouchable?

Win More Referrals

  • TRUE DIGITAL MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE makes it easier for you to create happy clients who refer you more business!
  • LEAD GEN REFERRAL MACHINE puts you in control of maximizing the potential income from your previous customers.
  • AUTOMATED PRE-APPROVAL FOLLOW-UPS via text so that you can be freed up to focus on generating more business.

Sell More Loans

  • YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT – Frees you up by disclosing your packages, getting client docs, and keeping everyone updated along the way.
  • FULLY DEDICATED PROCESSOR – One point of contact at your service to help keep you functioning as effectively and productively as possible.
  • BULLDOG UNDERWRITER – Stays on top of your files for you and updates you on each of your files after our daily pipeline meetings.

Close Loans Faster

  • FAST PASS UNDERWRITING gives you guaranteed 24 hour underwrites and same day clear to close to help you lock in new referral partners.
  • NO OVERLAYS – We don’t get paid unless loans close, so we get it. If it’s closeable, we’re going to close it.
  • ALL PRODUCT OPTIONS – Stop losing deals to the people down the street! A wider product mix gives you the ability to close loans others can’t!


When you choose to work with MortgageRight, you are not just partnering with another company, you are gaining a valuable ally who is committed to your success. We know that your success is integral to our own, and we are dedicated to supporting you in every way possible to help you win more deals, impress your referral partners, and ultimately increase your earnings.

At MortgageRight, we believe that a true partnership involves working together towards a common goal. That’s why we strive to understand your unique business needs and goals, and tailor our services to fit them. We take the time to listen to your challenges, understand your strengths, and create customized solutions that will help you achieve your objectives.

We believe that success is not just about winning deals, it’s about building lasting relationships. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on creating an exceptional customer experience for your clients. From the first phone call to closing, we are committed to providing excellent service and support, so your clients have a smooth and stress-free homebuying experience.

Our team of experienced professionals is always available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer support whenever you need it. We understand that the mortgage industry can be complex and ever-changing, so we stay up-to-date on the latest trends and regulations to ensure that you have access to the most current and accurate information.

In short, when you choose MortgageRight as your partner, you can trust that we are fully invested in your success. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals, impress your referral partners, and ultimately increase your earnings. Let us show you what a true partnership can do for your business.