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Why Use a Net Branch Before Taking Out a Mortgage?

May 24th, 2021 // branchright
Why use a Net branch

Why use a Net branch? Loan originators and branch managers work within a restricted environment when it comes to mortgage businesses. They either sell higher rates or receive significantly more BPS. 

Alternatively, they may sell at a lower rate but take a commission in the process. It depends on you which option you want to choose. Some companies go a step further to offer attractive sell rates but don’t provide high commissions. A few companies offer both higher comp and better deal but hard-to-sell rates. 

These restrictions create a big problem for producers because of two factors: first, to get the loan, and second, to pay the success tax of the company. These companies make you believe that you have to choose one option over the other. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. And Mortgage Right proves why. 

Mortgage Right is a platform that offers branch managers lower rates and higher comp. What was impossible for others was made possible by Mortgage Right. 

Importance of using a NetBranch

Most producers have a common question: why use a Net Branch? Well, Mortgage Right is a platform made by producers for producers. Therefore, it understands your concerns and provides three unique strategies to solve your comp and rate problems.

1. PriceRIGHT – 

It offers better pricing compared to its competitors to enable you to win more deals. The more deals you win, the more money you make. Most importantly, it offers lower rates, thus allowing you to earn more from every deal. With lower rates, you have a higher chance of acquiring more deals. And the more deals you acquire, the more you increase your chances of winning. 

2. UnderRIGHT – 

Underwriting in most companies takes a lot of time. And most producers feel that that’s the correct process. Unfortunately, it’s not. Mortgage Right proves that underwriting is a relatively fast process that can help achieve clear-to-close deals. Its fast-pass underwriting process is the fastest in the mortgage business. This guarantees a 48-hour underwriting period and completes your clear-to-close deals on the same day.

3. CloseRIGHT – 

Sometimes, producers lose agents by missing their dates. Although this isn’t uncommon in the mortgage industry, it’s something you should try avoiding to cut down your losses. This is another reason why use a NetBranch. For example, Mortgage Right guarantees your on-time closings. This means you won’t lose agents because there’s no chance of missing your dates. In case Mortgage Right fails to provide on-time closing, they take responsibility for your next marketing campaign. 

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Right believes that you shouldn’t keep money lying on the table when you can keep more of it without doing too much. Its online calculator allows you to see the amount of money you can earn if you switch to a NetBranch. All you need to do is enter your monthly volume, mention your average loan size, provide your comp plan, and specify your last year’s income. The calculator will do the rest and come up with your approximate pay raise.

The answer to why use a NetBranch lies in the facilities offered by Mortgage Right. No company works so hard to help you calculate the money you can earn by switching to a NetBranch. Mortgage Right believes that every producer has the right to earn big instead of restricting its income due to low comp and high rates. 

Why Mortgage Right’s model is better than others?

As already mentioned, Mortgage Right is a platform made by producers for producers. It understands the areas where most producers have to compromise their earnings. That’s why their lower rate and higher comp model is a ticket to success for most producers. Here are a few more reasons why you should trust this model and stick to it to earn more:

  • It provides the mortgage industry’s lowest rates.
  • It believes in clear and transparent pricing. 
  • You get same-day clear to close.
  • It only takes 48 hours to complete your underwriting process.
  • It also offers Fast-Pass VIP underwriting. 
  • You receive an on-time closing guarantee.
  • It provides top-notch marketing support and guru-level recruiting. 
  • It has a fully customizable compensation plan.
  • You get full suite benefits and unmatched support.
  • There is maximum control over branch accounting.
  • It provides an “A-level” investor list.
  • It’s a ready-made platform to increase your monthly and yearly income.

In addition to these benefits, Mortgage Right also allows corporate processing depending on your requirement. They provide a processor during your on-boarding process for a seamless and smooth transition. Apart from the transition process, Mortgage Right also works with you for both short-term and long-term processing solutions. They come up with different plans according to your branch needs.

If you want to change your experience in the mortgage industry, try using Mortgage Right. It will make you want to reap this business’s benefits that were elusive until now.