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A P&L model that gives branch managers the tools necessary to be successful no matter what the market conditions are.

MortgageRight allows me the freedom to run my business my way. No other company does that.
Mike Russo, Branch Manager

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Benefits of MortgageRight Branching Opportunities

Branch managers explain why the MortgageRight platform is better than the rest.

Darin Hunter

MortgageRight is a branch platform that truly supports growth.

What Makes Our Model So Much Better?

Why Top Producers choose the MortgageRight Branch Opportunity

  • Clear & Transparent Pricing
  • No Layers of Management
  • Zero Overlays
  • 24-Hour Underwrites
  • TBD Upfront Approvals
  • Access to ALL Products
  • On-Time Closing Guarantee
  • Set Your Own Margins
  • Maximum Volume Profitability
  • Cutting Edge Mortgage Tech
  • 24/7 Accounting Access
  • Control Your Own P & L
  • Dedicated Underwriters
  • No Cap On Your Revenue
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What Sets MortgageRight Apart from Other Branching Platforms?

Alvaro Moreira & Mike Russo talk about what sets MortgageRight apart from other branch models.

  • Behind-the-scenes, raw pricing. You get the exact pricing that we receive from our investors.
  • Set your own margins to always be competitive regardless of market conditions.
  • Communicate directly with underwriters - personal relationship with decision makers.
  • See actual profit & loss statement for your branch so there are no hidden surprises, or fees, on the other side.
  • Full access to branch and loan file support teams so your transition is smooth.
  • Our platform gives you the freedom to run your business your way. No other company does that.

Make More. Sell More.
Close More.

In the mortgage business it's always been the same for Branch Managers and Loan Originators… you either get paid more BPS and sell higher rates or you take a lower commission split and sell lower rates...That’s just the way it’s always been and you had to take your pick of one or the other.

Some companies offered attractive rates to sell but then paid their people peanuts. Other companies appeared to give a better deal with a higher comp but the rates were so hard to sell that it came at the cost of lost loans and disgruntled customers and referral sources.

The problem is that the producer has always had to earn their money twice: Once by going and getting the loan to begin with and then once again by paying the company’s ‘success tax’ once they brought it in. They wanted you to believe that it had to be either one or the other.

We didn’t buy it.

We knew that in the end this was just profit for the company. As producers ourselves, we knew we could do better, so we forged a better way. When we first introduced our origination platform that gave high producing branch managers the best of both worlds, the competition called us crazy. (…and they called us a lot of other things too)

They said it was impossible to offer higher comp AND lower rates. They said it couldn't be done.

But what they meant was... they couldn't do it.


MortgageRight is Built for Growth

Our branch managers sell lower rates, close more loans, and make more money

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Our model allows you to set margins, so you control the pricing and profitability of your business.

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MortgageRight is a direct lender, so we control the loan process from beginning to end. You can't close loans any faster or easier!

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Missing closing dates is not an option here. Branch managers have a direct line of communication with our closing team to ensure you have on-time closings!

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Use the calculator to see how much more money you could be getting by earning an extra 50-75 BPS on your volume with MortgageRight.

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By making the switch to the MortgageRight program, you can potentially increase your income by $0 per month, by making more revenue per loan! That means you could be making $0 per year!

An income increase is just the beginning. Find out why MortgageRight is the best netbranch alternative. Get in touch with us today!

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What Makes MortgageRight Different?

Learn why we aren't like other mortgage companies.

mortgageright net branch information

If you're looking for a more in-depth explanation for why MortgageRight is different than most other branching platforms, this is it. We've compiled some detailed articles that explain exactly what a good mortgage opportunity is and what separates us from the competition.

How MortgageRight is Able to Pay You More.

Tanner Allen explains how, on the Next Round with Lance Taylor

Explosive Growth

Licensed in 47 States and Counting.

MortgageRight is entering the next phase of it’s roll-out plan. Currently positioned as one of the nations top 100 lenders, we are now taking an already successful and proven branching model onto a much larger stage nationwide. By 2019, Mortgage Right had doubled in size and is focused on building upon that success and carrying it into future years.

Most branch managers get comfortable and aren't aware they are being taken advantage of in their current platform. MortgageRight provides the freedom and transparency that's crucial to run a successful business. I built one of the top branches in the country. The first step is being with the right company. If you're not, the opportunity cost can be enormous.

Alvaro Moreira, Branch Manager

Choosing where you run your branch is one of the most important decisions of your life. I used to not be confident that I was giving my clients the best deal. This mortgage branch opportunity has changed everything. I now offer the best rates and never lose a deal to pricing.

Mike Russo, Branch Manager
Alvaro Moreira Mike Russo

Make more, meet closing dates, and spend more time with your family!

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Here are a Few Questions to Consider

And Some Answers

Underwriting & Processing
Accounting & Payroll
Operations & Procedure
Production Requirements
Real Estate Involvement
Can I speak directly to underwriters?

We believe that customers are best served, referral partners are kept most happy and loan originators are best supported and the most productive when there is an open line of communication between the MLO and the Underwriter. Our process allows for more communication between the MLO/Processor with the Underwriters in order to facilitate the fastest and smoothest loan closings possible. We believe this represents a win for everyone involved.

Is corporate processing provided?

Yes. We offer transition processing and can work with you to provide short and long-term processing if needed. During the on-boarding process, we provide a processor (if needed) to help facilitate a smooth and seamless transition. Beyond the transition, we can work together with you to offer both short- and long-term processing solutions if needed. Each branch is different and we work together with you to come up with the plan that makes the most sense for everyone and puts you in the best position to win. It’s important to note that we are looking for branches who already have their loan processor(s) in place. If you don’t have a loan processor in place as you on-board, then the goal would be to secure one within a few months once the branch is on-boarded.

What are your underwriting overlays?

We underwrite directly to Fannie and Freddie guidelines. There are no overlays.

What are your underwriting turn times?

Our goal is to keep underwriting turn time at 24-48 hours on new underwrites and 4 hours on conditions. The only exceptions to this are extreme and unforeseen circumstances due to unexpected market movements. We monitor the markets very closely and we stay overstaffed in order to keep our service level commitments to our most valuable customer – YOU!

Do I get access to an accounting system?

Yes! You have full access to your P&L and branch accounting. This is just one of the ways our opportunity is the most aggressive in the industry. We provide you with live, real-time access to your branch account, and you can view all of your finances at any time. You have all-access via a live web portal so you can view your P&L at any time, 24/7! This is a powerful tool that will grant you transparency regarding your branch’s finances!

What happens to the money that builds up in the P&L?

The profits from your branch accrue with every loan closing. Funds are set aside for the growth of the branch, whether that is increased compensation, growth, or marketing expenses. When changes need to be made, we allow you to make an adjustment to your comp plan once every quarter, if necessary.

When is payroll?

At MortgageRight, you’ll be paid on the 15th and the 30th.

How will I be paid?

Consistent with industry standards, all compensation is W2 based.

Do you offer marketing support?

Yes! We have some of the greatest marketers within the company that our industry has ever seen who are personally responsible for millions of dollars of direct-response marketing campaigns, spanning across every possible advertising channel. We are known for helping our branches and producers grow with killer marketing and one way we do that is by applying our internal expertise to help you grow your business to levels you never dreamed possible. No matter what type of marketing you’re considering, we have a bona-fide guru expert on staff who has already paved the way and paid all the stupid tax along the way so you don’t have to! That means you don’t have to plow through the learning curve of getting new marketing going but rather hyper-driving right into real results! Studies show that most new marketing fails within the first 3 months but this is good for you because if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Let us help you take your business to a completely new level by applying our expertise and leveraging our resources to your advantage!

Do you allow for DBA’s?

Due to increased regulation, compliance demands and regulatory scrutiny, almost every company in operation today continues to disallow DBA’s, and we can’t permit them either. We do offer a branding option that allows you to communicate your individual brand in conjunction with ours in a very specific way that allows for your individuality to shine through while maintaining our brand integrity. We believe that we can do more together than we can apart and we are happy to join our brand together with your successful personal brand.

Can you have your own website?

Yes! We have a fully customized website that employs every best practice for lead generation, advertising, and branding and we provide you with your own website that falls under our corporate umbrella site, complete with your own customized domain! It’s yours and unique to you! And this isn’t just a single page brochure with your picture slapped on it, but rather a powerful lead-generating machine that you can leverage to build any size business that you can imagine. And what’s better, our team of website experts will help you get everything up and going – technical expertise not required!

Can I speak directly to branch support?

Anything less shouldn’t be considered support. Our branch support team exists to get you what you need, when you need it. They are your champions inside the corporate office. They are friendly and fast and their sole job is to make sure you have everything you need to be successful. And they’re not just ‘phone clerks’ either – Our support experts have the power to create solutions and make decisions. We understand that without you, we don’t receive a check. You are our customer and our main mission is to keep you better supported than anyone else

What are the operating hours for branch support?

Our branch support hours are from 9AM -5PM, Central Time.

Is there an after-hours number or person I can reach?

Our goal is to provide you with unequalled support. One way we achieve that goal is by providing you with a list of after-hours contacts, along with mobile phone numbers to make sure that your important support needs are always met!

What is your LOS?

We proudly utilize Encompass, but it’s not just the standard version that everyone else has… Our version of Encompass has been customized and tricked out to help you be more efficient and productive and to take more of the workload off of you and your branch through workflow improvements and automation.

What pricing engine does MortgageRight use?

We proudly use Optimal Blue, the industry’s leading and most powerful pricing engine. We even have custom bolt-on products that help you leverage their technology to sell more loans!

What other technology are the branches provided?

The beauty of our platform is that your technology can be completely customized to meet your individual needs. And, it gets even better… you’re also free to use the software that you like best and the ones that best fit with your business, and of course you only pay for what you use. If you decide something is right for your business, let’s do it! We’ll even help you put it into place. Need to see what’s working best and what the best practices are? We offer that as well. Once on-board, we will line up a ‘Next Level Tech’ call together and we’ll have our best tech and marketing minds present. On that call, we will go to work on helping you create an amazing system that’s cutting edge, workflow-automated and totally marketing-centric. When we talk about helping you take your business to the next level, we really mean it!

Will me and my team be micromanaged?

Absolutely not. Our program is built for speed. We are looking for the best of the best and we give them the best so that we can all be the best as a result. We can do that because we don’t hire just anyone. We hire experts and then we allow them the freedom to excel in every area. Companies who will hire just anyone end up putting very restrictive policies in place, which ends up slowing down the professionals who know how to do their jobs. Our people are responsible for managing the necessary components of their branches and we allow them the space to do just that.

Can I send out my own disclosures?

Yes! We believe in hiring great people and then giving them the freedom to do what they do best. When it comes to disclosures, you have 100% control. You send out all of your own disclosures, putting you squarely in the drivers’ seat. As always, we’re to help when you need us.

Who’s responsible for compliance?

Our corporate compliance department handles all file compliance and sets the protocol for the branches to follow.

How much more BPS can I make with the MortgageRight branching model?

This is one of the most frequent questions we receive and we believe this is the most important question that can be asked. This is also one of the main things that sets MortgageRight apart from every other branching company. Our compensation package is simply better. It’s more aggressive and it puts you more in control of your own destiny. To help put this on display, we’ve developed a proprietary tool that actually calculates the income difference you would realize after making the move to MortgageRight. Our calculator takes into account where you are now, looks at where you want to go and shows you how much more you could make and how much sooner you could get where you’re going. The best part? There are no caps! With our industry-leading branching opportunity, your income is truly unlimited. As a branch manager, you have full control over income, expenses AND loan pricing! Interested in hearing more? Give us a call and let’s walk through our ‘Profit Maxximizer’ together to see just how much more you could be earning next month!

Can I create my own comp plan?

Yes! This is one of the most important aspects of what sets MortgageRight apart from every net branching platform – You are in total control of your compensation! You choose how high or low to set your comp for yourself, your branch and your MLO’s. Your pricing margins are completely under your control and set & managed by you! This is where the real opportunity is and we put the control back in your hands, where it belongs. Our origination platform is hands down the most aggressive plan in the mortgage industry. No wonder our Originators double their incomes in their first year with us!

How are branch managers compensated?

As a branch manager, you choose how you want to be paid! How you structure your payouts is based on your net profit expectations, and generally comes in the form of commission, bonuses, and a salary. We work together to come up with a payout schedule that matches your earnings and gets your money to you as fast as possible! Our payroll turn times are some of the fastest in the industry!

What fees are you allowed to charge?

We leave this up to you. In order to remain consistent, our standard fees (UW, credit, etc) must be collected. However, the amount of origination, processing, and admin fee amounts are determined and set by you. Most of this is setup when you initially create or periodically adjust your comp plan. Of course, all fees must fall in line with loan guidelines but beyond that we leave the pricing decisions up to you.

Do you offer a benefits package?

We believe in taking very good care of our employees so we offer the best coverage available! Health insurance, vision, dental and life insurance is provided through United Health Care. We offer a 401k program through T. Rowe Price, and participation eligibility begins 12 months from your hire date. These benefits are available to all employees.

Are there any production requirements?

We are always looking for the up and comer so we don’t have any hard and fast production rules, and that is because we believe that the right talent and motivation combined with our expertise and resources can make a powerful combination. While we will entertain any opportunity that appears to make sense for everyone, we are looking to see a production history of around $24M+ per year.

Can I also be a Real Estate Agent as well as a Loan Originator?

We are looking for full-time dedicated mortgage loan professionals only. The reality of the regulatory environment that we are in demands a high level of accountability and scrutiny, and this type of arrangement is just not the kind of opportunity we are looking for at the current time.