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In the mortgage business it's always been the same for Branch Managers and Loan Originators… you either get paid more BPS and sell higher rates or you take a lower commission split and sell lower rates...That’s just the way it’s always been and you had to take your pick of one or the other.

Some companies offered attractive rates to sell but then paid their people peanuts. Other companies appeared to give a better deal with a higher comp but the rates were so hard to sell that it came at the cost of lost loans and disgruntled customers and referral sources.

The problem is that the producer has always had to earn their money twice: Once by going and getting the loan to begin with and then once again by paying the company’s ‘success tax’ once they brought it in. They wanted you to believe that it had to be either one or the other.

We didn’t buy it.

We knew that in the end this was just profit for the company. As producers ourselves, we knew we could do better, so we forged a better way. When we first introduced our origination platform that gave high producing branch managers the best of both worlds, the competition called us crazy. (…and they called us a lot of other things too)

They said it was impossible to offer higher comp AND lower rates. They said it couldn't be done.

But what they meant was... they couldn't do it.


Built by Producers, for Producers!

See how the best mortgage branch opportunity will explode your income

mortgageright PriceRIGHT


Access to better pricing allows you to win more deals, offer lower rates, and make more money! You get more deals; we all win!

mortgageright UnderRIGHT


Our Fast-Pass Underwriting system is the fastest in the business and guarantees you a 24-Hour UW and offers same day Clear-to-Close!

mortgageright CloseRIGHT


Nobody wins if you miss a date and lose an agent. We guarantee your on-time closings...or your next marketing campaign is on us!

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Don't Keep Leaving Money on the Table

Discover just how easy it is to keep more!

Use the calculator below and see how much more money you could be earning by switching to the MortgageRight platform.

You're leaving $0 on the table every month!

With an average loan size of $0, a monthly volume of $0 and a comp plan of 0 BPS, you have an income of $0 per year.

By making the switch to the MortgageRight program, you can potentially increase your income by $0 per month, by making more revenue per loan! That means you could be making $0 per year!

An income increase is just the beginning. Find out why MortgageRight is the best netbranch alternative. Get in touch with us today!

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3 Things I Wish I Knew about Net Branch Opportunities

Most Producers Don't Know How Much They're Leaving on the Table.

1. Giving Away Money

“Al was losing money each month due to padded rate sheets…"

2. Referral Partners Out

“Amanda lost key agents because she couldn’t close on time…”

3. Lost Deals Over Pricing

“Mike couldn’t compete and was losing deals left and right…”

What Makes Our Model So Much Better?

why top producers choose the mortgageright branch opportunity

  • Clear and Transparent Pricing
  • Lowest Rates in the Industry
  • 4-Hour Underwrites
  • Same Day Clear to Close
  • On-Time Closing Guarantee
  • “Fast Pass” VIP Underwriting System
  • “A-Level” Investor List
  • Maximum Control Over Branch Accounting
  • Full Suite of Benefits and Support
  • Fully Customizable Compensation Plan
  • Guru-Level Recruiting and Marketing Support
  • A Platform Designed to Explode Your Income
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Don’t fall into the trap of making good money when you can earn life-changing money! Most branch managers get comfortable and aren’t aware that they are being taken advantage of by their current platform. You don’t have to work need a better branch opportunity.

Alvaro Moreira, Branch Manager

Moving my branch to MortgageRight has been the best career move I’ve ever made. The owners are open minded and understand what it takes for branch managers to thrive in today’s ever-changing mortgage business. After researching all the other branch platforms, I truly believe this is the best mortgage branch opportunity.

Amanda Bailey, Branch Manager

Choosing where you run your branch is one of the most important decisions of your life. I used to not be confident that I was giving my clients the best deal. This mortgage branch opportunity has changed everything. I now offer the best rates and never lose a deal to pricing.

Mike Russo, Branch Manager
Alvaro Moreira Amanda Bailey Mike Russo

Start making more, meet all of your closing dates and spend more quality time with your family!

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Here are a Few Questions to Consider

And Some Answers

Are you confident you are getting the best deal?

When you offer a rate to a customer are you confident that you’re giving them the best deal? Or, are you feeling that your rates aren’t competitive, so you have to sell them on something that’s not always in their best interest? Are your rates padded by the company, so they make an unfair amount of money on each of your deals? Wouldn’t this money be better suited in your pocket so that you can run a better business and make more money? At MortgageRight we will show you how to offer better interest rates and help you stop giving away all your hard-earned money.

Are you constantly putting out fires?

If you don’t have the right team in place, work can be a drain, your dreams can get lost, and more importantly your income can start to suffer. Having the right team in place will allow you to go further, faster. At MortgageRight, one way that we ensure we are working together with our branches (instead of pulling against them) is by asking ourselves daily “How can we help our branches make more money?”

Are you # 1 in your market?

Top producers know that over 91% of home buyers start their home search online and are more likely to work with a loan officer that has a strong online presence. This is not limited to positive reviews but also an attractive website that serves to educate buyers. Homebuyers want to work with a local mortgage expert not some call center in Detroit or Timbuktu. At MortgageRight we will show you how to leverage the power of local search to get you more closed deals each month and dominate your local market.

Are you closing deals while you sleep?

If you’re not marketing to your prospects and existing database automatically, you’re doing it wrong. We developed a way to leverage the power of the latest CRM technology to get you more closed deals each month. We accomplish this by automating the process of updating your referral partners and clients before, during, and after the home buying process. At MortgageRight we’ve figured out how to market your database, so you don’t have to. That way you can focus on what you do best. Selling!

Are you confident you will always close on time?

Do you trust your underwriting to get you to the closing table on time? This is has to be one of the most common sources of stress facing loan officers and branch managers on a daily basis. If you can’t get your loans closed on schedule it leads to time wasted dealing with extra and uncomfortable client and realtor maintenance. Not to mention, 11th-hour ‘gotchas’ that can comprise not only your relationship but your commissions as well. Ask about MortgageRight’s “On-Time Closing Guarantee” that ensures you’ll meet your closing on schedule and meet your contingencies throughout the home buying process.

When's the last time you broke new ground?

Are you licensed in more than 1 state? If not, how would you approach that market if you were? Being licensed in multiple states can help you grow your business exponentially. Many loan officers are licensed only in their home state. At MortgageRight, many of our branch managers and loan officers are licensed in multiple states and that’s allowed them to expand their business exponentially. If you feel stuck in your local market and don’t know where to grow, we can help you move into different territories which can open the door to all kinds of new business opportunities. Not only do we help our people push into new markets, but we help them design a marketing plan that fits their skills and business model.

Does your local community know you?

Do agents know who you are? How many agents did you meet with last month? Do you have a game plan on generating more deals from local agents? At MortgageRight we will share a proven model to help you increase your real estate agent referral business.

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