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Us vs. Them: How MortgageRight Measures Up Against Other Mortgage Branch Opportunities

mortgageright is a better branch opportunity

Maybe you’re burned out managing your current branch. Maybe you’re a mid-level loan officer who’s looking to move up. Whatever your motivations, you’ve got your eyes and ears open to new mortgage branch opportunities. There’s no shortage of options, so how do you know what to look for or consider as you think about what the next section on your resume might be? MortgageRight presents a unique model that diverges from the traditional net branch structures seen in previous years and offers a starkly different experience from positions at large national banks, regional mortgage companies, or independent brokers. Learn why bigger isn’t always better and why MortgageRight is right for you.

Who is MortgageRight?

We’ll start with the basics. MortgageRight was established in 2005 as TJC Mortgage by industry veterans Joe Meadow, Tanner Allen, and Chris Carter, aiming to offer superior home mortgage choices. In 2018, the company expanded nationally with MortgageRight, focusing on a unique profit and loss (P&L) branch model, and quickly earned a reputation for providing personalized client attention and emphasizing service over profits. But what does that mean for you as you explore other mortgage branch opportunities? You may want to dig into these areas to see which will be the best fit:  

  • Service Range: Does the competitor offer a comprehensive suite of services that meets your needs as a branch manager or loan officer?
  • Industry Reputation: What is the company’s standing in the financial and mortgage industry? Are they recognized for customer service, innovation, or stability?
  • Growth and Stability: Consider the company’s growth trajectory, financial stability, and market presence.
  • Cultural Fit: Assess the company’s values, work culture, and support for branch managers and loan officers to ensure a good fit for your career aspirations and working style.

MortgageRight’s approach is different from other players in the space (including the old net branch structures of the past). When it comes down to it, it’s what’s suitable for you and your career.

Why Bigger Mortgage Branch Opportunities Aren’t Always Better

Lots of other players in the mortgage branch space can help you become a branch manager—and many of them are much bigger than MortgageRight. People who work at these behemoths deal with challenges you might not want to face:

Bureaucracy and Red Tape

Larger organizations struggle with layers of bureaucracy, making it difficult to make quick decisions or adapt to changes. Ray Patterson, a Branch Manager at MortgageRight, couldn’t agree more, noting, “Working for a company with no layers of non-producing management is a big reason for my success. I’ve consistently been able to keep more revenue on my closed volume and reinvest back in my branch to grow.”

Less Personalized Service

With many clients to manage, larger companies may not provide the same level of personalized service, potentially leading to a less satisfactory customer experience​​.

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Larger companies may adopt a more standardized approach to products and services, which might not suit all clients, especially those with unique or complex financial situations.

Why Smaller Mortgage Branch Opportunities Offer More for Employees

On the flip side, mortgage branch opportunities with smaller companies like MortgageRight can come with a major upside:

Proper Appropriation of Profits

The big companies are busy sponsoring stadiums and launching costly advertising campaigns. Smaller firms ensure that the capital goes back to the branch manager instead of lining the pockets of vendors or members of management who don’t do a darn thing. 

Flexibility and Responsiveness

Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee. Okay, maybe that saying doesn’t apply as much to mortgage branch opportunities, but it should! Smaller companies can often be more flexible and responsive to market changes and client needs, allowing them to quickly adapt their products and services to serve their clients better​​.

Entrepreneurial Culture

The culture of companies like MortgageRight often has an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing branch managers and loan officers to have a more significant say in the operation and potentially reap greater rewards for their efforts​. Ben Phillips, Branch Manager at MortgageRight, has experienced this first hand, noting, “The MortgageRight platform allowed me to scale my origination business and reach my financial goals. They let me do what I do best. That’s why I’m here.”

What Makes MortgageRight Right For You When It Comes To Mortgage Branch Opportunities

In contrast to the net branch frameworks of the past, MortgageRight introduces a novel approach with benefits that are hard to pass up.

Employees stay here longer. Once people join MortgageRight, they tend to stick around. With so many benefits to being your own boss, it’s not hard to see why.

We’re able to offer clients lower rates. That means we give our producers the most aggressive pricing AND access to all the products you need to close the deal. 

Our branch managers pocket higher earnings. You could bring in an extra 50-75 BPS on your volume. Calculate the pay raise that awaits you at MortgageRight. You could double your salary!

Enjoy more opportunities and freedom. You set your schedule. You decide your hours. The days of being overworked and underpaid are over.

Interact directly with key decision-makers. Nothing’s standing between you and MortgageRight’s owners, so you can contact them whenever you want.

You’re in charge. With fewer layers of management, like a franchise, the branch manager (a.k.a. you) is the boss. No more dealing with multiple layers of management.

Even out your work/life balance. A smaller company like MortgageRight can cater to your needs and treat you like a valuable team member instead of just a number. 

Stay in the loop with complete transparency. Communication is a cornerstone of the platform. What we know, you know—and you’ll never be left in the dark. 

Close faster than ever. Delayed underwriting? Not here. Missed closing date? Hard no. With guaranteed fast underwriting and same-day clear-to-close, you can see every opportunity from start to finish. 

Run your business your way. Pick your people. Create your marketing campaigns. Put your loan origination processes into practice. Micromanaging at MortgageRight isn’t a thing.

Keep your mind on what matters. You’re responsible for originating loans. Leave the rest to us and take admin tasks like payroll, licensing, compliance, and marketing off your to-do list.

What to Do Next If You’re Interested In Mortgage Branch Opportunities Like MortgageRight

If you’re ready to take the leap and become a branch manager, it’s time to celebrate. This is a big decision, and it’s one you can feel confident in, especially if you choose a partner like MortgageRight. Those net branch opportunities of yesterday are just that—in the past. Welcome to the modern way to move up in your career. 

But before you write up a resignation letter for your current position, reach out to schedule a demo of the platform. Seeing it in action is a significant first step toward freedom. From our true profit and loss (P&L) model to full access to client-desired products, this is your chance to become the branch manager you’ve always dreamed of being—but never knew it was possible until now.

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