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MortgageRight Featured in the March 2024 Scotsman Guide

MortgageRight makes the cover of Scotsman Guide

MortgageRight made the cover of Scotsman Guide

Scotsman Guide is an industry leading publication in the mortgage industry. Below is the article from the March 2024 issue.

Freedom isn’t just a mindset. It’s a tangible state of being that allows you the most control over your business, your free time and your lifestyle. Freedom is being able to decide how you conduct business and reap the absolute most from that business. Freedom means no caps on compensation, no limits on personal advancement and nothing stopping you from making important decisions. 

MortgageRight was built on freedom. There are no road blocks to becoming as successful as possible. The MortgageRight branching structure is a direct line from you, the branch manager, to the owners of the company. There is no middle management stifling your decision making or taking a piece of your earnings on the way down. You ARE the business, and you need to keep as much as possible on what you earn. The P&L branch model at MortgageRight is built to allow you to do just that.

There are many branch managers who have gotten far too comfortable letting others make money off of their hard work. Or an aspiring loan officer who is too scared to make the change to running their own branch. MortgageRight has solutions for both of these situations. For current branch managers, making the switch is easy. There is an entire team dedicated to your success. And for loan officers unsure about what is involved in running a P&L… it’s not as complicated as it may seem. If you can generate and close business, you can run your own branch at MortgageRight. Your success is our success and we put the tools in place to ensure we both win.

MortgageRight focuses on our people, our process, our products, and the technology that help facilitate them. Our people are number one, this means our branch partners as well as the clients we serve. Our process is what ensures that you close loans fast and efficient. The products and pricing we offer make it easy to get deals done. And the technology we implement means you spend less time dealing with the small stuff and have more time to do what you’re good at, closing deals.

Freedom can mean a lot of things to different people, but what it means to us at MortgageRight is simple. We provide the freedom for our branch managers to do their business, their way. From day one when you decide to make the move, or the upgrade to a MortgageRight Branch Manager, you get the support of an entire team. Our products and pricing allow you to do deals easier than ever. Our back end support, process and technology  means you can close deals faster than ever. And our direct structure means you keep more on all those deals.

If you’re interested in comparing your current situation to what a MortgageRight has to offer, then you’re one step closer to seeing how free you really are. To learn more about what MortgageRight has to offer, or to schedule a talk with a MortgageRight Branch Manager and have all your questions answered, visit

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