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Avoiding a Communication Breakdown with Underwriters

Avoiding a breakdown with your underwriters

In a mortgage industry with above-average interest rates and home prices, affordability is a big issue for many would-be homebuyers. This means loan officers and mortgage companies need to do everything they can to increase efficiency and provide their clients with the best possible service. 

The relationship between loan officers and underwriters has a huge impact on how smoothly a loan gets originated. Both parties need to maintain a healthy line of communication, but it isn’t always easy. 

MortgageRIght is not a net branch, the structure that was common years ago. MortgageRight is a modern P&L branch model that ensures strict compliance and offers a reliable system for working with underwriters. 

This all starts by identifying issues. Let’s look at some common problems branch managers run into when communicating with underwriters and how you can avoid them.  

Common Communication Issues Branch Managers Face 

The smooth and timely closing of a mortgage is a collaborative effort, and the loan officer and underwriter are at the heart of it. However, their jobs are very different, which means close communication is key. 

The best mortgage companies to work for understand the importance of the underwriter/branch manager relationship. Unfortunately, many managers lack the support they need from the company they’re partnered with. When this is the case, many potential issues can arise. 

Indirect Communication 

Loan officers and underwriters must maintain a clear and direct line of communication. This means the ability to speak one-to-one at any time. 

However, many companies are set up so the dialogue must flow through intermediaries or specific channels. This leads to delays in the loan process and potential misunderstandings. 

This scenario could have a disastrous effect. The underwriter could make a decision based on incorrect information. It could also cause the branch manager and underwriter to misinterpret documentation, causing discrepancies in the approval process. All this will potentially damage the customer experience. 

Limited Access to Underwriters

If you’re a branch manager trying to close loans quickly and bring in revenue, you need an underwriter you can rely on. Limited availability won’t cut it. 

Full-time access to your underwriter allows you to: 

  • Get answers to complex questions.
  • Quickly resolve issues and make important decisions.
  • Expedite the loan approval process. 
  • Find creative solutions to unconventional scenarios. 

Underwriters for large mortgage companies often deal with heavy workloads, meaning they may not be available when you need them. This could prolong the loan approval process. When considering the best mortgage companies to work for, look for those that offer direct support from underwriters.  

Failure to See Eye-to-Eye 

In a perfect world, branch managers, underwriters, and homebuyers would all work together in harmony. However, sometimes an underwriter resists suggestions from the branch manager. This can cause friction and delays. 

Underwriters look at mortgages through a different lens than branch managers. They run numbers and evaluate risk while the manager focuses on finding the best solution for their client. Establishing a healthy dynamic can be hard if the underwriter isn’t open-minded. 

Another issue could arise if the branch manager and underwriter interpret loan documentation or guidelines differently. There may also be confusion or disagreements around mortgage loan compliance. These scenarios make the entire process uncomfortable for everyone. 

Improving Communication and Execution 

The dynamic between a loan officer and an underwriter may not be top-of-mind for many branch managers. However, once a breakdown in communication starts to become the norm, the entire loan process is compromised. This can hurt the branch’s reputation and revenue. 

Fortunately, there are ways branch managers and mortgage companies can address communication issues and streamline their operations. Let’s look at a few. 

Get on the Same Page

Establishing clear and direct lines of communication is the most important step in improving the loan process. The branch manager, their loan officers, and the underwriters should all know which method of communication to use. It’s also important for everyone to have the same expectations when it comes to response times. 

Set Procedural Guidelines

Branch managers and underwriters need to be familiar with the type of documentation used at each step in the loan process. This helps avoid confusion and surprises. Both parties should also make it a point to understand the guidelines for each loan program.

Leverage Technology 

There’s plenty of mortgage technology available that streamlines the loan origination process and makes life easier for branch managers and underwriters. Some of the best mortgage companies to work for have implemented software that allows their loan officers and underwriters to boost efficiency with communication and document-sharing tools.

Create a Healthy Culture 

Branch managers, loan officers, office staff, and underwriters should all feel comfortable and open with each other. They should be able to express concerns, ask for help, and brainstorm ideas in a healthy environment. This improves the speed and accuracy of the loan origination process and fosters a collaborative culture. 

Over the years, MortgageRight has worked hard to create a platform that makes it easy for branch managers to work directly with underwriters and underwriting managers. Open communication is the only way to go, and we make it a point to maintain a culture of transparency – so things happen smoother and sooner.  

Why MortgageRight is One of the Best Mortgage Companies to Work For

If you’re a loan officer ready to make the switch to branch management or a branch manager looking for a new partner, MortgageRight offers a system you won’t find anywhere else.

Our branch managers enjoy: 

  • Longevity – most employees who join us stay with us 
  • Higher earnings 
  • A work culture that feels like a family
  • More career opportunities 
  • Absolutely no micromanaging 

We’ve built a system that makes running a branch easy for our managers. It’s a system based on transparency and open communication. 

How do we make this work? 

Fewer Layers of Management 

Managing a branch with MortgageRight is like running your own business. You don’t have to deal with multiple bosses and managers every time an issue arises. This is the type of environment that burns out loan officers and makes them dislike their jobs. 

We understand there are many moving parts to sell when originating loans. To support this, we maintain open communication between our support teams, owners, and branch managers. 


At MortgageRight, nothing is hidden from loan officers and branch managers. Everyone stays in the know about everything from mortgage rates to pricing. We want everyone to feel comfortable voicing their opinion and asking questions. 

Total Support  

While we want all our managers to run their branches the way they see fit, we’re also there to help if they need it. Our support services include: 

  • Dedicated underwriters 
  • Accounting support 
  • Cutting-edge technology 
  • An in-house marketing team 
  • Access to a wide range of mortgage products 

As a branch manager, you can lean on the support services you need and do the rest your way. For example, if you want to market your branch based on your vision, you have the freedom to do so. But we’re always there if you need support. 

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