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Branch Managers: Make More. Sell More. Close More.

The mortgage industry is changing. The companies that are going to make it through this next wave of change and thrive are the ones that offer the best rates, highest branch margin AND rockstar support.

In the mortgage business it’s always been the same for Branch Managers and Loan Originators… you either get paid more BPS and sell higher rates or you take a lower commission split and sell lower rates…That’s just the way it’s always been, and you had to take your pick of one or the other.

Some companies offered attractive rates to sell but then paid their people peanuts. Other companies appeared to give a better deal with a higher compensation, but the rates were so hard to sell that it came at the cost of lost loans and disgruntled customers and referral sources.

The problem is that the producer has always had to earn their money twice: Once by going and getting the loan to begin with and then once again by paying the company’s ‘success tax’ once they brought it in. They wanted you to believe that it had to be either one or the other.

We didn’t buy it.

We knew that in the end this was just profit for the company. As producers ourselves, we knew we could do better, so we forged a better way. When we first introduced our origination platform that gave high producing branch managers the best of both worlds, the competition called us crazy. (…and they called us a lot of other things too)

They said it was impossible to offer higher comp AND lower rates. They said it couldn’t be done.

But what they meant was… they couldn’t do it.

Our branch model gives you as a branch manager a BIG advantage 

There are a number of distinct advantages the MortgageRight branch platform gives you to thrive in any market condition.

The three primary benefits (a.k.a. the only ones you probably care about) are as follows:

Increased Earning Potential – When you eliminate those padded rate sheets, you’ll end up with more money in your pocket (instead of lining the pockets of your employer.) The right branch company will view partnerships with its branch partners as an integral component of their overall strength. Hence, the more money you make, the more successful they ultimately become.

Faster Closings – How many times have you lost out on a lucrative deal due to a delay in underwriting or a missed closing date? How many referral partners have you inadvertently sent packing simply because you could not deliver on-time? A better branch opportunity ensures a much timelier and streamlined process. In fact, some branch providers (like Mortgage Right) offer guaranteed fast underwriting and same day clear-to-close so you’ll never miss another deadline or risk losing a referral partner again.

Competitive Pricing – The Internet has become a double-edged sword for the mortgage industry. While technology has facilitated faster, more optimized business processes, it’s also made it much easier for consumers to price shop mortgage rates. If your company’s pricing model isn’t as competitive as it should be, you can be sure you’re losing business as a result.


If you’re looking to make more, sell more and close more, then it’s time to consider a better opportunity. If you’re a Mortgage Branch Manager or Loan Originator, We believe that you aren’t making the kind of money that you could be making or offering rates as low as you could be offering if you were originating on our branch model.

We are so sure your income will increase AND your rates will decrease that we are challenging every branch manager and loan originator in the mortgage industry to take 5 minutes and compare our compensation and rates to what you’re currently getting. 

We are confident that our origination platform will pay you more BPS per deal and will help you win more deals because you’ll be selling lower rates.

Take the MortgageRight challenge right now and find out how much more you could be making by giving us a call at 866-228-7703 or scheduling a one-on-one live demo to see for yourself.