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Get to Know MortgageRight

MortgageRight Leadership

MortgageRight began operations as TJC Mortgage in 2005 when three seasoned industry professionals, Joe Meadow, Tanner Allen and Chris Carter decided to start their own mortgage company. 

The company was founded with the goal of offering a better choice for home mortgages. Their motivation to initiate real change and deliver a higher level of customer service was powerful, and has resulted in a high degree of success, as evidenced by their consistent growth year after year. 

The History of MortgageRight

The owners of MortgageRight are producers too, just like you! We’ve spent the last 15 years creating the perfect mortgage origination platform. It’s a platform that gives you all of amenities that you need to grow a highly successful origination business, and it’s one that doesn’t slow you down with red tape. 

As we’ve continued to grow, we are constantly keeping the best technology in place because we understand that we must provide the best tools and the best pricing to create the perfect environment to help our producers grow their business.

6 Important Questions About Working with MortgageRight

Are there any specific experience or volume requirements for joining the branch opportunity? 

Yes, you must have a 3-year minimum amount of industry experience. 

We require production of $1.5M a month average for trailing 12 months in order to open a new branch location. Based on average loan sizes in most markets that’s 6-8 units per month. Of course, the number of loans you close will depend on the size of your branch and the number of employees working there, so it’s important to make sure the quota be achievable for the branch as a whole.

What are the comp plan possibilities?

What is the comp plan?

Comp plans are how you are paid, how much you are paid, and how often you are paid. They also include any money that is given to producers to help them start their career with the company (typically referred to as startup funds). The amount of money in these packages can be very depending on the opportunity and existing production.

How much can I earn?

The most important question to ask yourself when it comes to your compensation package is: How much can I earn? You should be sure that the compensation offered by your branch company reflects what you and your team are worth and the value you bring to the organization,

The MortgageRight branch model does not have a cap on your compensation or what you can earn. It’s a straight deal without any tiered gotchas so you can earn to the level of your capabilities and vision.

Can I work with my own AMC or third parties, or must I work only with those that are approved by the company?

You may work with your own AMC and/or third parties, subject to approval. If you wish to use an alternate third party not on our list of approved lenders or service providers, they must be reviewed and approved by us in advance.

How does the company really make money?

The company makes money by charging a flat $995 Underwriting fee on all loans which is typically charged to the borrower upfront in the form of origination. The company then sells the funded loans on the secondary market to generate revenue.

Who is the management team behind the company? Have the owners of the company ever been in your shoes? (Bonus points if they have!)

It’s important to get to know the management team behind your company, as they will all be working with you day-to-day.

  • Who are the owners? Chris Carter, Tanner Allen and Joe Meadow
  • Who is the CEO, and what does his or her background look like? Chris Carter who is a producer himself even to this day
  • What is their experience? As producers themselves they know what it takes to run a successful mortgage company and the platform other producers need to thrive.
  • Who else makes up the management team? Alvaro Moreira & Mike Russo who run successful mortgage branches and helped develop the MortgageRight platform. They work with branches one on one to help minimize the learning curve and leverage the platform based on their combined experience.

Is the company motivated to support branches that perform well?

Absolutely, our branches are what support our company and our vision for growth. That’s why our motto is: “Built by Producers, For Producers”. We are adamant that you can Make More. Sell More &. Close More by getting rid of middle management, offer the lowest rates and sending those profits to the branch partner. Our branches success is our company’s success and at the end of the day those are our clients. We are motivated by helping our branches succeed and helping customers in each of the communities we serve.

Some companies are more interested in their agents’ success than others. If you find a company with this attitude, it will be easier for you to feel motivated and happy as an agent there.

There are many companies out there but only some will be a good fit for you.

There are many companies out there but only some will be a good fit for you. You need to find the right company for you. You need to be able to work with the company, not just for it. Make sure that it’s a good fit and that they’re down to earth ethical people that share your core values who will help you in your career path, rather than just being greedy.


If you’re thinking of joining a new mortgage branch opportunity, take some time to understand the company, its business model and how it works. You may find that one branch company fits your needs better than another. If you have any questions or concerns about joining our branch opportunity, we encourage you to reach out directly to us at MortgageRight to schedule an exploratory call.