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3 Things I Wish I Knew about Branch Opportunities

Most Producers Don’t Know How Much They’re Leaving On The Table

1. Giving Away Money

“Al was losing money each month due to padded rate sheets…”

Don’t fall into the trap of making good money when you can earn life changing money! Most branch managers get comfortable and aren’t aware that they are being taken advantage of by their current platform. I know because I was one of them! It took me a long time to realize you don’t have to work harder… you just need to work for a better company.

branch opportunities

ALVARO M. – Branch Manager

2. Referral Partners Out

“Amanda lost key agents because she couldn’t close on time…”

I’ve been in the mortgage business for a long time. So, I’ve experienced several platforms and have to say that moving my business to MortgageRight has been the best career move I’ve ever made. The owners are open and understand what it takes for producers to be successful in today’s ever-changing mortgage business. They listen to my needs and help me stay ahead of market trends, so I always have a competitive edge in my local market. Being able to communicate with ownership anytime at a high level has been a game changer and has allowed me the flexibility to run my business the right way.

Amanda Bailey

AMANDA B. – Branch Manager

3. Lost Deals Over Pricing

“Mike couldn’t compete and was losing deals left and right…”

I’ve been a branch manager for over 10 years. Choosing where you run your business is one of the most important decisions of your life. I used to not be confident that I was giving my clients the best deal. I was always struggling to meet closing dates. These things cost me relationships and more importantly money. Since I moved my branch to MortgageRight everything has changed. I know that I can offer the best rates so I never lose a deal to pricing.

We always meet our closing dates so my real estate agents and clients are all extremely happy. I’ve been able to maximize my potential and grow my business without having the company work against me. When I look back, moving my branch to MortgageRight was the best business decision I’ve ever made.

Mike Russo

MIKE R. – Branch Manager

What Are You Waiting For? Don’t Keep Leaving Money on the Table!

Make more, meet closing dates and spend more time with your family!

Making More Doesn’t Mean You Have to Sell Higher Rates

No corporate layers or middle management means your rates aren’t padded so you can sell lower rates and earn more BPS.

Use the Pricing Polygraph™ tool and see just how much more money you could be earning by switching to the MortgageRight platform. We put our partners first so they see what we see; all the rate and “real” margin options, right up front. This way they can always offer your clients the best deal, making them more competitive so they close more business.