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What is the Pricing Polygraph Tool?

The pricing polygraph is a tool to compare your current pricing against rates MortgageRight offers. This can help you determine if you are receiving the best rates on your loans or whether your rates are padded, and by how much.

This rate and margin comparison tool will show you what you could be making on your next deal.

When you’re selling deal, comparing your rates and margin options to the market is a critical step. In fact, it’s so important that we built this tool to make it easy for you. Fill out your loan scenario and in 30 seconds you’ll see how much more money you could be making now on your next deal. More importantly is you can offer you client a lower rate and still keep your current compensation plan.


You’ll see side-by-side comparisons of the most competitive rates and margins available through our platform to make sure you are getting the best deal. 

It’s Simple. Just run a loan scenario and compare rates

To compare rate and margin options, you’ll need a real scenario so you can run it side by side. You’ll see the rate and margin you can get for your client on the MortgageRight platform so you can compare to your current company. The difference in margin and rate is what your company is making off you by padding your rates. By eliminating this extra corporate junk fee, you can keep that revenue for yourself and offer your client a better rate, earn more margin or both. Never lose a loan over pricing again and be in complete control of your sales process.

Don’t keep leaving money on the table

The Pricing Polygraph™ tool will do all the work for you to see how to improve your bottom line. It’s easy to use, and it’s free! Simply enter your current pricing and see how much more money you could be making. Our pricing is simple, with no hidden markups. We believe that transparency breeds trust, which means you can know exactly what you will earn and when. Our rates are always competitive and not padded since we don’t have layers or non-producing middle managers in our corporate structure

No corporate layers or middle management means your rates aren’t padded so you can sell lower rates and earn more BPS.

Use the Pricing Polygraph™ and see just how much more money you could be earning by switching to the MortgageRight platform. We believe in being transparent in a space that is confusing by design. Putting our partners first so they see what we see; all your rate and “real” margin options, right up front. This way you can always offer your clients the best deal, making you more competitive so you can close more business.

Get access to raw pricing and never lose a loan again

We know that our branch partners need every possible advantage when it comes to pricing to thrive and grow their market share. We removed corporate layers and middle management to avoid having to pad our rates so instead you can build your business and have the extra capital to grow.

We believe in transparency—so much so, that we have no hidden fees or markups on any of our products. Our straightforward pricing structure means that you’ll never have someone micromanaging telling what to do or how much money to make, but rather someone there to support and guide your success.

Our pricing program provides access to the industry’s top investors who are eager to earn your business buy offering the best pricing and strategies available. This can include marketing tips on how best to attract new clients, strategies for setting up meetings with referral partners, or even moving into niche areas of lending if it makes sense for your needs to covert more business.

MortgageRight’s platform offers lower rates…period

Once you’ve entered your scenario information, click “Submit” and wait for the results to load. You’ll see a visual representation of how much more money you could be making on your current rate, as well as all the other rate options available.


The MortgageRight Platform is a great way to start offering lower rates and earning more money on your mortgage deals. We believe that the more we can do to free up your time and money, the better it is for you and your branch. That’s why we work hard to make sure there are no hidden fees or charges that would get in the way of your success. With our transparent pricing structure, you’ll know exactly how much each loan will produce and be able to win over your competitors since you will have a big advantage when it comes to your rates.