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What kind of day-to-day support should I expect?

When you’re deciding which branch platform to partner with, it’s important to know what kind of day-to-day operational support will be available. From the moment you open your branch and begin originating loans, there are certain questions that need answers on a daily basis. For example:

How often will I receive reports on my branch?

The frequency of your reports depends on how much volume you are doing and the types of expenses you have coming in monthly. You will have access you your P & L 24/7 through an accounting software that reconciles your revenue and expenses in real time.

Your report will include information like:

  • Total Sale Income – total BPS margin earned based on the rate you lock
  • Origination & Closing Fees – Any fees charged upfront like origination or discount points.
  • Expenses – Advertising, credit reports, bank charges, lease, utilities, loan closing expenses, payroll, bonuses, etc. 

How are loans funded and how quickly?

  • How are loans funded and how quickly? 5-7 days after closing it will hit your P & L
  • If a loan is not funded in a timely manner, who is responsible for getting it done? the accounting and funding department.
  • Does this department have authority over the branch? Yes

Is there a department that can help with general support, guideline and scenario questions?

One area where many branch opportunities differ greatly is in the way of support. Sadly, this is the easiest thing to promise and yet the thing that is most often defaulted on. Before moving forward with any branching agreement, make sure you have clear expectations of what working with a particular company will look like once you’re up and running.

  • Who can I call when I have questions? Dedicated support team for each branch
  • Who handles the processing of loans? In house (corporate processing) or at the branch
  • What resources will be made available to me and how can I access them? Intranet and live support
  • Do you offer a dedicated support staff? Yes they are here to help you on all questions & scenarios
  • How are expenses submitted and handled? Through our online accounting system
  • Do you offer in-house processing? Yes, we do

Do you have a dedicated support team for each branch or is your support team centralized for all branches? 

  • Do you have a dedicated support team for each branch or is your support team centralized for all branches? Each branch will have a dedicated support team.
  • How often do I expect to receive P & L reports, and what types of reports should I expect to receive? 24/7 access to P & L and expense report. 
  • How are loans funded in this organization? Day of closing for purchase and 3 days after signing for refinances.
  • Is there an approval process required before funds are released? Yes, 
  • If so, who is responsible for reviewing and approving loan requests prior to funding approval and release of funds. The funding department will review, approve and release funds.

Make sure you are clear about what level of support will be given to you.

Many companies provide a certain level of operational support to help their employees succeed. These can include things like:

  • Dedicated support teams
  • A main point of contact who knows your name and can answer any question you might have about day-to-day operations, from an assignment or task to how long it will take for your expense reimbursement paperwork to be processed.
  • Access 24/7 through phone calls or texts, even on weekends and holidays – any time it’s convenient for you!
  • P & L Reports detailing forecasts of profitability and expenses so you can plan accordingly when it comes to your branch growth. 


The mortgage branching model is a powerful and lucrative tool for mortgage industry professionals to make more money and gain more control over their careers. But not every branch opportunity is created equal. As with any business deal, due diligence & support level should be practiced in evaluating any type of partnership agreement before moving forward.