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What Makes MortgageRight Pricing Better?

Whether you’re producing as a loan originator or branch manager, pricing is critical to your business strategy. If you are not selling the most competitive rates, you will lose market share, referral partners, and worse suffer unnecessary falloff due to being shopped. This is where our model at MortgageRight comes in. We’ve been developing this pricing model for a long time, so we know what it takes to convert at a high level when it comes to best efforts pricing for our partners. 

We at MortgageRight believe in raw pricing and pass our margins onto each of our branches with no hidden markups.

Our pricing is simple, with no hidden markups. We believe that transparency breeds trust, which means you can know exactly what you will earn and when.

We also have no cap on the compensation you can earn—with us, it’s only limited by your own hard work. At MortgageRight we pass our margins onto each of our branches so you can offer lower rates and build your referral network and close more volume.

Finally, MortgageRight do everything we can to remove layers, so you consistently get the best pricing available regardless of marketing conditions.

As producers ourselves MortgageRight’s philosophy has always been having access to raw rates to win.

We know that our branch partners need every possible advantage when it comes to pricing to thrive and grow their market share. We removed corporate layers and middle management to avoid having to pad our rates so instead you can build your business and have the extra capital to grow.

MortgageRight believe in transparency—so much so, that we have no hidden fees or markups on any of our products. Our straightforward pricing structure means that you’ll never have someone micromanaging telling what to do or how much money to make, but rather someone there to support and guide your success.

Our pricing program provides access to the industry’s top investors who are eager to earn your business buy offering the best pricing and strategies available. This can include marketing tips on how best to attract new clients, strategies for setting up meetings with referral partners, or even moving into niche areas of lending if it makes sense for your needs to covert more business.

When you are not paying multiple layers of management, you have more capital left over to invest in your business. 

When you are not paying multiple layers of management off your volume, you have more capital left over to invest in your business. This means that you can scale quicker and earn more BPS along the way to grow more efficiently. This is critical to have the cash flow to hire more people and increase your marketing budget to attract new prospects. You will also be able to offer better products and services to your clients because all that extra money is going back into the branch you control.

A lack of bureaucratic red tape means you can move quickly, making it easier for you to scale your business.

In most branch models there’s a lot of bureaucracy and red tape that’s gets paid off your closed volume increasing the rates you have access to. You must go through multiple layers of management, middle management, and sometimes even cap on compensation. A lack of middle management means there is no bureaucracy between you and the people who are doing the work for you—no one stands in between your pricing and your P&L. This means that when something needs to be done on an urgent basis, it can be done quickly and efficiently without any unnecessary delays because there are no barriers in place for approval or oversight.

With transparent pricing and eliminating markups to your rates, the extra profits flow to your P&L. This compensation structure (which makes you the most competitive), saves branches a significant amount of money over competitors who must sell higher rates due to their company’s corporate structure which is antiquated and bloated. It also allows branches to be more stable as market conditions change since they are always maximizing their cashflow and converting more deals into happy customers. 


We at MortgageRight believe that the more we can do to free up your time and money, the better it is for you and your branch. That’s why we work hard to make sure there are no hidden fees or charges that would get in the way of your success. With MortgageRight’s transparent pricing structure, you’ll know exactly how much each loan will produce and be in a position to win over your competitors since you will have a big advantage when it comes to your rates.