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What Makes MortgageRight So Unique?

There are many mortgage companies that have “Mortgage Branch Opportunities” for producers looking to expand their business and start a branch. But what makes MortgageRight’s branch opportunity so unique? At MortgageRight, we believe in the entrepreneur, which is why we offer the most flexible branch opportunity in the industry. We know what it means to be a successful mortgage producer and our model is built around helping you thrive in your business. Our goal is to help as many originators grow and succeed in every way. Here are just some of the things that make our branch structure unique, and why it works so well for our producers:

What makes MortgageRight’s branch opportunity so unique?

MortgageRight is the only branch company that offers a true P&L (profit and loss) branch model, no caps on your income and no padded rates. You have complete control of your business, and as the owner, you are paid based on your results. MortgageRight offers dedicated underwriting for your team so you can focus on being the best in your region. You are in control of your destiny, and you can speak directly with decision makers at Corporate Headquarters.

You will be rewarded handsomely for helping clients achieve their homeownership goals!

This is not just another “opportunity”; it’s the opportunity!

How much control do you have as a producer at the branch level?

Our branches are run by our producers with corporate oversight. This means that as a producer, you have control over your business. You can choose the markets you want to work in and even what products you want to sell!

Office space is not required unless you want it: we provide support for your remote work needs through access to our technology platform, which allows us to stay connected 24/7.

You get to choose your own staff as well – from processors and assistants all the way down through the ranks of loan officers themselves.

Is this a True P&L compared with a Retail P&L like most companies offer?

MortgageRight offers a true P&L, which is different than most companies’ retail P&L. The Retail P & L model is what most lenders offer in which your rates are padded to pay for non producing middle management and excess bureaucracy at the corporate level. 

With MortgageRight’s true P & L model, all commissions and bonuses are based on non-padded rates and production activity (i.e., number of loans closed). This type of compensation structure encourages our producers to focus on closing more business and rewards them instead of management for their hard work. 

Is there a cap on the compensation you can earn?

Absolutely not! The great thing about this opportunity is that there is no cap on your compensation. That means that if you build the business, you get rewarded for it. The more you close regardless of commission amount, the greater your earnings will be!

In fact, you can earn more than any other company offers in their branch or franchise systems since you get to choose your comp plan. You can also do better than what was possible in a traditional branch because we are giving control of your own business back to you by allowing total control over marketing budgets and expenses as well as product pricing levels within compliance guidelines.

Do you have dedicated underwriting for your team?

Yes, our underwriting team will dedicate an underwriter to your branch, who will work with you one on one on all of your underwriting needs. We have a dedicated underwriter for each branch, so you can establish a real relationship and be more efficient. Their role is to be there to help you through the process of getting loans approved and cleared to close. On-time every time!

You can reach them by phone, email or live chat. They’re always ready to help!

Can you speak directly with decision makers?

One of the most important things to consider when evaluating a mortgage company is how accessible the decision makers are. At MortgageRight, you can directly speak with our underwriters, compliance team, and operations team. In this way, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in the back office and be able to ask questions about your file or experience as needed.

At MortgageRight, we believe in the entrepreneur, which is why we offer the most flexible branch opportunity in the industry.

  • We realize that your success is critical to our success, which is why we give you control over your business. When you choose to work with MortgageRight, you’ll have access to a true P&L model where every dollar earned or spent is tracked and reported by a live P & L software. This allows you—the producer—to make decisions on where best to deploy your time and resources to maximize profitability.
  • You’ll also be able to take advantage of dedicated underwriting staff who will help guide your underwriting process while taking some of the heavy lifting off your desk so that you can focus on closing more loans faster. With dedicated underwriters, MortgageRight gives its producers direct access to decision makers who are committed and focused on closing your loans.

MortgageRight offers an unrivaled branch opportunity

We know what it means to be a successful mortgage producer and our model is built around helping you become successful in your business. MortgageRight has a unique branch structure. Our branch structure is built around the individual and gives each producer in our organization the opportunity to build their own business while working at their own pace.

This allows you to retain complete control over your client relationships, referral partners and marketing strategies—all while being supported by a national brand leveraging leading technology systems.

With this kind of freedom, it’s easy for MortgageRight producers to follow their passion for helping others buy homes without being constrained by bureaucracy or red tape from corporate America.


We hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of being a MortgageRight branch. If you’re ready for better rates, a better opportunity, and more freedom in your business then we invite you to learn more about becoming part of the MortgageRight team today.