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What makes our culture different?

The culture of a company is the sum total of all the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that make up what it’s like to work there. Culture isn’t just about office perks or happy hours; it’s also about how people treat each other and what values are most important to your organization. If you have a unique culture, it’s worth celebrating! This is especially true if you’re trying to attract partners who share those values. Here are some ways our culture allows you to grow your origination business.

Ownership is honest and transparent as a core value

We have a culture of ownership. We share our successes and failures, both as a team and individually. We’re honest in how we talk about what we do, even when it might be hard to admit.

Being open helps us make better decisions together, because the whole company knows where things stand, what the latest issues are and how they can be resolved together. This is key for any company that wants to build trust with their branch partners—and for ours it’s absolutely essential!

As producers ourselves we care about our people (and their reputation), everyone wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly every time. And by being transparent—even if it means making some tough calls—you’ll feel empowered knowing the leadership always has you best interest at heart.

Believe in entrepreneurial spirit 

Entrepreneurial spirit is a core value at MortgageRight. It’s important to our success and it drives everything we do. We believe in autonomy for our branch partners so you can operate in an efficient manner and take advantage of market trends quickly without corporate red tape.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting something new—it’s a way of thinking and working together that requires us to identify opportunities, take risks, build on them and thrive.

It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that makes us great at what we do!

No red tape you deal directly with all decision makers 

We believe in the 3 P’s so you are not dealing with red tape or corporate bureaucracy. People, Process, and Product. You get to talk to the decision makers (UW,s heads of departments). You can ask any question and get the support you need to resolve any problem. This is a unique feature that will allow you to be more independent than at most other branch companies.

People – Our ‘People before Profits’ way of business has ensured our longevity, success and growth as a company.

Process – Having a bullet proof process to get a loan from ‘started’ to ‘close’ is imperative. We have perfected that process.

Product – If it’s out there, we can do it! Our goal is to help as many clients as possible and give them the best deal.

We are selective on who we hire 

Our culture is unique in that we are selective about who we hire. This means we aren’t limited to the weakest link, so you have more access and autonomy than at other companies.

As a result of this open-mindedness, our team can work together without feeling held back by an ineffective coworker, procedure or by a company’s rigid policies.

Personal relationship with the owners

  • Personal relationship with the owners. The owners are very much involved in the daily operations of the running the company and it is easy to reach them. They are committed to providing an open, professional environment where you can develop your career.
  • Ownership is honest and transparent. We understand that you know best for you and your business. Our goal is to support you to help you achieve a greater level of success. 
  • We believe in your entrepreneurial spirit and small business culture giving our branches the ability to reach their full potential.

Why Choosing MortgageRight is such an Easy Decision

  • Small Business Feel & Culture
  • No caps on compensation…ever
  • Lowest rates & highest margins guaranteed.
  • No layers or middle management (rates aren’t padded)
  • Dedicated in-house UW (24hr turn times)
  • Upfront TBD approvals on ALL purchases
  • Live P&L software so you are 100% in control 24/7
  • Direct lender & correspondent lender
  • Rockstar level branch support
  • No red tape. Deal directly with decision makers
  • All non-money-making tasks delegated (payroll, audits, compliance etc)
  • $995 UW fee. No hidden costs
  • Entrepreneurial business culture. No micromanaging


Culture is a funny thing. It’s the unique personality that resides in your business, whether you want it there or not. It’s what makes your company stand out from all the others—and hopefully in a good way. Companies with strong cultures tend to be more successful because they have something special about them that attracts high quality professionals. 

At MortgageRight, we know that when you win, we all win! As a result, we want to give you the ability to have every possible tool you need to win. If your company is behind the curve in one or more of these areas, let’s talk today to see what you could be getting.