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What’s Better About This P&L Opportunity?

This P&L opportunity gives you complete control. 

If you’re a producer with momentum, you should take advantage of this P&L opportunity.

When you work for someone else, you are basically their employee. You don’t control anything about your business or your staff. You can’t decide what strategies to implement or what changes to make you see fit based on your intuition. 

In this P&L opportunity, however, you will have complete control over every aspect of your business—from the products that are sold to how much they cost customers (and more). 

Your income is your income. No tiered compensation structures or gotchas.

As a P&L branch owner, you’re in control of how your business runs. You get to decide what kind of business you want to run, what products to offer and your margins.

With this P&L opportunity you have total control over your income. You can choose to earn as much or as little as you want. That’s right, even if you’re not doing a boat load of volume, you can still make more money (and more quickly) than other people in the industry.

You get paid on what you generate—you eat what you kill in this model.  Your income is based on how many loans you close with no cap on your compensation. You decide your compensation plan… not your company or managers.

Your expenses are also controlled by YOU! Because no one else pays them until AFTER they pay YOU first, this gives every P&L owner complete control over their budgeting process – meaning that YOU decide how much money goes where: salaries vs marketing vs advertising/promotion etc., instead of having some company decide that for us because it may be best suited for THEIR interests… but not ours: yours!!

Our Structure & How it Benefits You

You’re not getting the best mortgage rates.

Other branch platforms rely on padding rates (higher rates) to make their model work for them to pay for an antiquated bloated corporate structure. We rely on a smarter, more efficient structure (no layers) and transparency (better rates) to make our model work for you and your business. 

Everyone is trying to save money and earn more to offset lower volumes. Here are a few ways we are going to help you do just that: 

Better mortgage rates 

Our model is vertically integrated with no layers or middle management, so your rates aren’t padded making sure you have access to the lowest rates and the highest margins available regardless of market conditions. 

Access to more revenue so you can grow. 

We show you ALL the revenue. Giving you access to the capital you need to reinvest back into your business to grow your volume and maximize your profit. 

No hidden costs. Just transparency. 

You’ll see all the costs involved with running your branch in real time through our live P&L software. Always in control of your business 24/7. 

Easy process and fast closings. 

Our core belief is efficiency, so you close ALL your loans on time, every time. Ensuring repeat business from clients and referral partners. Creating raving fans one transaction at a time.


The bottom line is that if you’re a savvy producer, then this P&L opportunity should be right up your alley. You’ll have complete control over your business and staff, making it easy to run as smoothly as possible. There’s no tiered compensation structure that limits how much money you can make; you get 100% of what you bring in! The amount of business that comes through the door determines how much money we make as a company (and how much money YOU make).