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Are You Getting the Most Buck for Your Bank?

get the most buck for your bank

If you’re a mortgage lender with a big bank, there’s a good chance you’re working hard without making the money you should. You also probably don’t get to weigh in on major financial decisions. 

Years ago, many loan officers in this position turned to the antiquated net branch model to make the big bucks. And although this system is dead and gone, there are still ways to earn what you deserve. 

If you’re a lender ready to push yourself, running your own business with a true profit and loss (P&L) model is the way to go. You’ll have the freedom to manage your expenses, set your compensation, and much more. 

If this smells like a breath of fresh air, keep reading. We’re breaking down P&L models and diving into why MortgageRight is one of the best mortgage companies to work for if you want to get the most out of your volume. 

Understanding P&L

The idea of a P&L model is simple. It’s a way of analyzing the performance of a business and determining its financial standing. This is based on a profit and loss statement, which provides a rundown of costs, expenses, and revenue across a specific time period. 

A P&L model also gives you a glimpse into the gross profit and net income you’re bringing in along with tax expenses. As a mortgage branch manager, control of this information comes with several benefits. 

Strategic Insight

A P&L model allows you to plan for future growth by giving you the data you need to understand what’s working and what’s not. This makes it easier to set financial goals and work toward long-term business growth. 

You’re the Decision Maker

One of the biggest advantages of a P&L model is you get to make the decisions that drive growth. By analyzing your P&L statement, you’ll know where to invest, where to pull back, and what operational changes you need to make. 


A P&L statement helps ensure your business stays compliant with tax regulations, accounting standards, and financial reporting requirements. This is critical in the mortgage industry, where compliance is key. 

Accurate Budgeting 

Setting realistic financial goals is difficult without data. A P&L statement provides a roadmap for your business performance, allowing you to see historic data and trends that will inform budgeting decisions. 

Only the very best mortgage companies to work for offer a chance to manage your own P&L model. Doing so puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to originate loans while also flexing your entrepreneurial skills. 

Types of P&L Models 

While running your own mortgage branch with a P&L model is the best way to go, not all models are right for the industry. It’s important to be able to understand what works best for you. 

A retail model is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a P&L system for retail operations. 

Running a mortgage business using a retail P&L model is similar to operating a corporate franchise. If you’ve partnered with a company that does this, they’ll likely  absorb some of your revenue in different ways. This may be by dictating your expenses through mandatory fees, rules, and supply or service providers.

This is a good option for lenders who have the client volume to support their own branch but don’t want the responsibility or risk of owning their own business. However, it comes with an extra layer of cost and red tape. 

Other models include the discounted cash flow model, the three-statement model, and the leveraged buyout model. These work for other types of business, but as a lender ready to move into branch management, they won’t work. 

Unfortunately, under most models, you’ll lose money at the branch level. At MortgageRight, we understand this and have responded by designing a unique system geared toward branch manager success. As one of the best mortgage companies to work for, we offer a platform that uses a true P&L model. 

The True P&L Model

When you’re running a mortgage branch, you’re the one bringing in new business and originating loans. This means you should be the one making the lion’s share of the money. You should also be the one making the decisions that affect the financial health of the branch. 

In a true P&L model, you’re in charge of the balance sheet. This comes with many advantages. 

Expense Management 

Knowing where to spend money and where to cut corners is crucial for any business. A true P&L model gives you full transparency and lets you make the financial decisions you know are right. Whether it’s investing in new technology or strengthening your marketing, you get to make the final call. 


Full access to your P&L statement allows you to decide on a compensation plan that works for you and your team. Not only will you finally enjoy the salary you deserve, but you’ll be able to keep your staff happy and provide opportunities for growth. This is great for retention. 

Setting Your Own Margins

Remaining competitive is crucial in the mortgage industry. If your prices aren’t attractive, your branch will quickly become a sinking ship. 

By keeping an eye on your P&L statement and watching the market, you can price your products and services appropriately. This allows you to bring in more business and increase your revenue. 

Our true P&L model is why branch managers say we’re one of the best mortgage companies to work for. Other companies may say they offer a true P&L model, but there are typically strings attached. 

MortgageRight Has Your Back While You Call the Shots

In addition to operating under a true P&L model, our branch managers enjoy a level of support you won’t find anywhere else. It’s our goal to help you run your branch in the most efficient way possible. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best – originate loans. 

We’ve put high-quality support systems in place that you turn to if and when you need them. These include: 

  • In-house marketing systems 
  • Cutting-edge technology 
  • Underwriting support 
  • Extensive mortgage products 
  • Payroll and accounting support 
  • A recruiting program 

The best part is, we give you the freedom to decide which of these support services you use. If you want to market your business yourself, go for it. But if you need our help, our professionals can take the work off your hands. 

This level of support combined with a true P&L model gives you all the tools you need to capture the most volume possible and bring in the revenue you deserve. 

Put One of Best Mortgage Companies to Work For You 

MortgageRight’s true P&L model lets you finally see what’s going on under the hood. It also gives you full control over the financial decisions that affect your income and loan origination process. 

If you’re a loan officer ready to take the leap into branch management, we’re one of the best mortgage companies to work for. Join us and start doing business on your terms. 
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