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The Best Mortgage Companies to Work For Have the Best Tech Systems, Too

Best mortgage company with the best tech

What if The Beatles had tried to make music with children’s instruments? What if Pablo Picasso had reached for a pencil instead of a paintbrush? What if Serena Williams opted for a pickleball paddle instead of a tennis racket? These talented titans would’ve found a way to make their mark, but not quite as easily or as successfully as they did when they used the right tool to get the job done. 

It’s like that in the mortgage business. Those who thrive not only have the talent on the inside but also the resources on the outside. The best mortgage companies to work for are the ones that offer today’s technology to aid tomorrow’s top earners. 

If you’re still operating with systems like Quickbooks, which may have worked for the non-existent net branch structure of the past, you might find yourself left behind. Check out the top nine tools you need to start your own mortgage branch.

The Essentials

  1. A Loan Origination Tool

A loan origination tool is a software application or platform that can process and manage the application and approval process for loans. This tech will streamline and optimize the lending process, making it more efficient, consistent, and user-friendly for you and your borrowers. MortgageRight supports its branch managers with Encompass360 – Bankers version LOS. This end-to-end solution helps you produce more loans by automating application processing, credit scoring and analysis, underwriting, and more. And fret not; the robots will not be taking over as Encompass360 ensures that the lending process adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

  1. A Pricing and Locking Files Solution

Compared to the old mortgage branch structure of the past, modern mortgage companies require pricing and locking technology solutions that streamline the rate process, reduce errors, enhance efficiency, and improve customer service quality. Software like Optimal Blue helps you determine the appropriate interest rates and terms for mortgage loans, allowing you to “lock in” these rates for a specified period during the loan application. Again, the best mortgage companies to work for will give you the tools you need to sell loans faster.

  1. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform

Leads don’t lead themselves. You’ve got to capture, nurture, and convert them, which is easier to do with a fully integrated CRM built for client engagement. MortgageRight has your back with MarketRight, helping you centralize all your customer data, track and manage leads through the sales funnel, automate routine sales tasks, and ultimately drive business growth. 

The Extras

  1. A Digital Mortgage Platform

For your borrowers, this technology will make shopping for a mortgage as easy as going on an Amazon binge. And for you, it’ll provide that competitive edge you’ve always wanted. Open your own branch with MortgageRight, and you’ll have nCino in your tech stack, which can decrease loan closing time by 80% and improve the average cycle time by 49%. *Picks jaw up off floor* Yes, you read that correctly. The antiquated mortgage branch structure of yesteryear can’t even compare to what today’s modern mortgage company can offer regarding automated, streamlined solutions. 

  1. A Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) 

VOIP has been around a while, but you might not be aware of all it offers—especially in terms of building your business. This technology enables users to make telephone calls online instead of traditional telephone networks. So what? So, here’s the deal. VOIP services like Vonage typically offer lower costs than traditional phone services, especially for long-distance and international calls, which means significant savings for your branch and better allocation of resources to other areas. Want more evidence that the best mortgage companies to work for come loaded with the best tech? VOIP enables more than just voice calls; it supports video conferencing, voice mails, and file sharing, among other features. This can improve team and client communication, fostering better relationships and collaboration.

  1. An Appointment Scheduler

Do you suffer from meeting overload? Coordinating schedules in this hybrid working world takes a lot of work. Your borrowers are likely feeling the burn of an overbooked calendar, too. Tools like Calendly make it easy to say bye-bye to the back-and-forth by automating the scheduling process:

  • Share availability, view open time slots, and choose a time that works for everyone.
  • Automatically send invites and reminder emails or messages.
  • Integrate with popular calendar services like Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud.
  • Create different types of meetings, each with its own duration, availability, and custom questions for attendees.
  • Set buffer times between appointments to prevent back-to-back bookings.

It’s like having a personal assistant, but so much better since it will never screw up your coffee order (because it can’t take one).

  1. A Post-Closing Marketing Retention Tool

Any successful branch manager knows a deal might close, but it’s far from over. The best mortgage companies to work for know this, too. Borrowers often stick with lenders if they have a positive experience, so if you want to keep customers coming back, staying in touch post-closing is essential. Technology like HomeBot, which MortgageRight offers its team, helps drive repeat and referral business by providing personalized insights to homeowners about their home value, equity, and mortgage. That helps keep you top-of-mind with your clients if and when they need to secure another loan.

  1. An Email Tracking Solution

We all know the feeling. You send an email into the ether, and then…the waiting. Did it send successfully? Have they opened it? Is it just sitting in their inbox, cold and alone? An email tracking solution like YesWare offers answers by tracking valuable insights like email opens, clicks, and replies so you can better understand the effectiveness of your communication. From more informed follow-ups to improved engagement strategies, this technology enhances client relationships and potentially increases conversion rates. 

  1. A Video-Message Tool

Raise your hand if you want to increase the number of loans you close. Video messaging is a great way to connect with clients, build relationships, and unlock more revenue. The old branch set-ups wish they could’ve had a secret weapon like this. With a tool like Loom, you can engage prospects, personalize your pitches, and follow up as soon as they’ve viewed the video. Always be closing when you’ve always got access to tech that makes your life easier.

Why MortgageRight is One of the Best Mortgage Companies to Work For 

When a company’s motto is “Built by Producers, For Producers,” you know it has your best interests at heart. MortgageRight focuses on creating the perfect environment for its branch managers to grow their business. Its unique approach emphasizes flexibility, support, and a commitment to branch managers like you. 

By starting your own mortgage branch with a true profit and loss model, you have complete control over your business and earnings, with no caps on income and no padded rates. That means more dollar bills in your pocket. The company also provides dedicated underwriting for each team, enabling you to focus on excelling in your market without being slowed down by red tape. It’s a modern approach to lending with the tech stack to back up its producers by offering Encompass360 Bankers Version LOS for loan origination, Optimal Blue for pricing and locking files, and MarketRight for CRM. 

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