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How to Build a Future-Proof Mortgage Branch

building a future proof mortgage branch

Mortgage professionals thinking about starting their own business have to face up to the volatile nature of the housing market. Inflation has caused average rates to soar to 6.9% for 30-year fixed mortgages and there seems to be no way to know which direction things will go this year.  

But there’s a silver lining. Managing a mortgage branch is still a great way to advance your career and bring in a solid income. And while the antiquated net branch structure so many loan officers thrived in years ago is long gone, you can still operate a resilient business if you make the right moves. 

Much of your success starts with finding the right partner. They’ll ensure you have the support you need when things get hectic. 

But choosing a partner isn’t an easy decision. To help you out, we’re going over some important considerations and highlighting why MortgageRight is one of the best mortgage branch opportunities available right now. 

To Pros and Cons of a Mortgage Branch Partner 

Building and managing a successful mortgage branch takes strategy, experience, and hard work. A partner will remove a lot of the stress from the process – but you must choose the right one. 

Consider the potential benefits and disadvantages of partnering with a mortgage company as you make this important career decision. 

The Pros

Partnering with a mortgage company with an established reputation is a huge benefit when trying to build a resilient branch. You’ll be able to leverage the reputation of their national underwriters to support your loan origination process. 

Plus, a company with a solid industry reputation is likely to offer more attractive mortgage branch opportunities than smaller operations. This means attractive benefits and a fair income structure. 

Another advantage is access to industry resources. A good mortgage branch partner will have the support systems in place to help you get your branch off the ground and start originating loans. These resources could include: 

  • Technology platforms 
  • Marketing support 
  • Training programs 
  • Accounting support
  • HR 

A reputable partner will also offer a wide range of mortgage products, including loans and mortgage programs. This will allow you to serve a large client base and increase your customer satisfaction. 

Finally, a good mortgage partner will assist you with compliance issues surrounding mortgage regulations. This is a crucial step that’s often complex and time-consuming. 

The Cons

Partnering with the wrong mortgage company could limit your freedom and flexibility, hindering your success and long-term growth. For example, you may have to adhere to strict guidelines set by a company underwriter. 

Your business could also suffer if the company you partner with gets negative publicity. Their bad reputation may rub off on your branch even though you’re running a sound operation. This will directly affect your ability to generate new business. 

Another risk of choosing the wrong partner is the potential for operational inefficiencies. An example would be partnering with a company that has a weak support infrastructure. They may have outdated technology, subpar marketing resources, or no training in place. This makes it hard to get your business off the ground. 

Build a Resilient Mortgage Business With the MortgageRight Model 

At MortgageRight, we’ve designed a platform that offers our branch managers a level of freedom they’ve never had, along with an unmatched support system. It’s our goal to offer the very best mortgage branch opportunities for loan officers who are ready to flex their entrepreneurial spirit. 

We offer a true P&L model that allows you to make all the decisions for your branch. You don’t have layers of management above you dictating how you operate. Instead, you run your own business and call all the shots. 

Along with this freedom is a model based on transparency and support. We’ve painstakingly built comprehensive support systems our branch managers can utilize whenever they need them. This helps ensure your business stays resilient in an unpredictable market. 

Our support systems include: 

  • Cutting-edge mortgage technology
  • Full-scale marketing 
  • 24/7 underwriting 
  • Accounting 
  • HR 
  • Employee training 
  • Recruiting 

These support teams are in place so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, originating loans. 

In addition to total support, our model offers the most competitive mortgage products on the market. Right now around 62% of homebuyers use conventional loans and 29% use loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration. You’ll benefit from facilitating as many of these types of mortgages as possible. 

We also offer an internal Upfront Approval Guarantee Program, which allows you to send your clients conditional approval within a few days. This speeds up the loan process and wins you referrals from realtors. 

The control, support, and products we provide are unlike any model out there. MortgageRight provides unparalleled mortgage branch opportunities that set you up for long-term success. 

We Put You in Charge

Many high-producing loan officers face a tough challenge when working for large mortgage companies. They don’t have a say in the decisions that directly affect the way they do business. 

We see this as a huge problem, which is why we designed our model to give branch managers the control they’ve never had before.  

Do What’s Right for Your Branch 

When you partner with MortgageRight, you’re not just performing a managerial function, you’re running a business. This means you get to use your industry insight and experience to make the moves that are right for your branch. The days of adhering to strict corporate rules and procedures are over. 

Make Smart Financial Decisions 

As a mortgage manager, nobody’s better suited to decide how the branch spends its money. Our model gives you the freedom to invest in the areas you feel will help grow your business. Whether it’s acquiring new technology or streamlining your client experience, you call the shots. 

Control Compensation

As a branch manager with MortgageRight, you decide what your team members earn. You can build compensation plans that make sense for each role and recognize hard work. Plus, you can set your own salary so you’re finally making the income you deserve.  

Margins Are Up to You 

To build a resilient mortgage business in today’s market, your prices must be competitive. We understand this and allow our managers to determine their own pricing so they can maximize their earnings and build a strong reputation. 

The Support You Need in a Fluctuating Market

To compete in the mortgage industry today, optimizing your loan origination process is a must. You can’t get tied down with day-to-day administrative headaches.

To ensure you devote your time to doing what you do best, MortgageRight handles as many of your non-revenue-earning activities as possible. Our payroll, HR, compliance, and accounting teams will do the work for you. You’ll also get the chance to build strong relationships with our top underwriters who have your best interests in mind. 

This support structure gives you the freedom to have full control of your business’s profitability. If you’re a self-starter with the expertise and drive needed to build a resilient mortgage business, this is the best model out there.  

Top-Tier Mortgage Branch Opportunities 

If you’re ready to make a career change with a mortgage partner who’s more like a friend, consider MortgageRight. Our model creates growth-based mortgage branch opportunities for professionals looking for stability in an uncertain market. 

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