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How to Unlock Success By Hiring the Right People

hiring the right branch manager

In today’s unsteady housing market, growing your own mortgage business can feel like an uphill battle. It’s important to capitalize on every opportunity that comes to your door. To do this, you need a team you can count on. 

As a branch manager just starting out, it’s crucial to bring on highly skilled mortgage professionals you can trust. However, finding these people is easier said than done. 

But what if you had recruiting support that allowed you to concentrate on loan origination and work toward branch expansion? This would be a game-changer. 

Keep reading to learn why hiring the right staff is critical to earning the mortgage branch manager salary you deserve – and how MortgageRight provides the support you need. 

You Can’t Hire Just Anyone 

Being a mortgage professional isn’t for everyone. Only certain types of people can find success and personal fulfillment in the industry. 

In addition to the right education and experience, a role in mortgage lending requires a self-starting mentality, tenacity, and strong sales acumen. For example, a loan officer must have the confidence to strike up conversations that educate potential clients and show them why they should do business with your branch. 

They must also possess other skills, such as: 

  • Attentive customer service 
  • A strong understanding of analytics 
  • The ability to streamline the loan origination process 
  • Experience with underwriters 
  • Determining the right loan products for each client
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance

It’s also important to work with qualified processors and officer administrators who can handle the often stressful, fast-paced environment common in the mortgage industry. The good news is, that once you build a team of skilled professionals you trust, you’ll be able to set your sights on long-term growth. 

We’ll Help Build Your Team While You Build Your Business 

Growing a mortgage branch independently while handling the recruitment process is a huge challenge. You could quickly find yourself unable to bring in the business needed to increase your revenue and expand. This means the branch manager mortgage salary you set out to earn won’t be a reality, at least right away. 

Another challenge is that once you get your branch off the ground, you’ll still need to recruit the right people as you scale. To do this, you’ll have to determine which growth stages necessitate a new hire and which roles will benefit your business the most. This is difficult if you’re overseeing day-to-day operations. 

At MortgageRight, we understand these challenges, which is why we’ve designed a unique support system for branch managers. We’ll help you find the very best employees for your business, from loan officers to operational staff. 

How Our System Works 

Making the transition from being a loan officer to running your own business can be a rocky road. You may lose sleep stressing out about the dip in revenue you could experience while you set up your new operation.  

It’s our goal to facilitate a smooth transition so you can start earning a branch manager mortgage salary right away. Part of this involves helping you hire the right people.  

Once you partner with MortgageRight, you can start taking advantage of recruiting support at the corporate level. The process is straightforward and frees you of most of the hiring responsibilities. 

Here are the steps in our recruitment program: 

  • We’ll take time to listen to your goals and strategize. 
  • You’ll connect with the corporate recruiting team and go over your needs. 
  • Our team starts searching for top candidates in your area. 
  • We send potential candidates for you to review. 
  • We’ll begin the interview process. 
  • You make the final hiring decision. 

The last step is an important one to highlight. At MortgageRight, you have the freedom to build the team you feel is best for your business. That’s why we leave you in total control of the final hiring decision. You won’t experience any pressure from us. 

Corporate Processing Support

On top of our recruitment program, we offer processor support at the corporate level. This is a great resource if you’re not in a place to pay for an in-house loan processor. 

We do this because we know how important the role is to a mortgage business. Processors have a huge impact on the loan origination process and overall client experience. Without a good processor, your customer satisfaction could take a hit. 

For a small fee, you can use a dedicated MortgageRight processor until you’re ready to recruit one for your branch. If you’re just starting out, this allows you to get a feel for your operation, earn a good branch manager mortgage salary, and save money. Once you’re in a position to scale, our corporate recruiters will help place a top processor in your branch. 

Be Ready to Catch the Wave

The mortgage industry has been unpredictable in recent years. The 2024 forecast has rates dropping, but there’s no way to know for sure. If you’re running your own mortgage branch, you have to operate based on fluctuating market conditions. 

When starting as a branch manager, you may opt to do business with a small team. Once you start growing and originating more loans, you can recruit as needed. 

However, if rates drop as the mortgage forecast predicts, you could see a favorable market in which you need more staff right away. It’s important to be able to scale quickly and capture as much market volume as possible. 

MortageRight’s recruiting platform is the perfect tool in this situation. We can help you quickly find the loan officers, processors, or operational staff you need to increase your volume in line with market conditions. This wouldn’t be possible if you had to handle the recruiting on your own.  

By setting yourself up to take advantage of an uptick in business, you not only grow your client base but also increase your branch manager mortgage salary and provide great opportunities for your employees. 

MortgageRight Offers a Cost-Free Advantage 

It’s our mission to help all our branch managers run successful businesses. This is why we offer our corporate recruiting platform at no charge. Whether you use it to help get your branch up and running or to scale your business, you won’t pay a dime. 

We help eliminate all hiring costs along with the time and stress associated with the recruiting process. This way you can concentrate on running your branch and originating loans. 

Plus, we provide other support services for operational necessities such as: 

  • Marketing 
  • Technology 
  • HR 
  • Accounting 
  • Underwriting
  • Payroll 

This level of support is what makes the MortgageRight model truly unique. We help you run your branch with complete freedom, providing you with the resources you need when you need them.  

Build Your Team and Start Earning a Top Branch Manager Mortgage Salary

If you’re a burned-out branch manager looking for a new partner or an overworked loan officer, it’s time for a change. Partner with MortgageRight let us help you build a team of skilled professionals you can trust. 

We designed our recruiting platform to provide operational success at any growth stage. By handing the hiring process off to us, you can focus on doing what you love – originating loans. 

Ready to start earning the branch manager mortgage salary you deserve? Schedule a live demo today.

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