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Be Your Own Boss: Earn a Mortgage Branch Manager Salary

Working in the mortgage lending industry can be rewarding, but depending on where you are in your job journey, it may be time to consider new mortgage branch manager jobs. Though every position has challenges, there’s a big difference between working for somebody else and working for yourself. From setting your mortgage branch manager salary to experiencing better work-life balance, there are many advantages to starting your own branch with a platform like MortgageRight. Discover the pros and the “cons,” which, as you’ll learn, are based more on fear than fact. Dive into the qualities needed to succeed in a branch manager opportunity. Ultimately, you’ll be ready to leap into this next chapter with MortgageRight.

Looking for Your Next Branch Manager Opportunity?

Determining if you’re ready to transition into the next phase of your lending career starts by examining exactly where you are. While everyone’s path is different, some common situations and feelings often preclude looking for new mortgage branch manager jobs. 

Frustrations over income: You feel capped in terms of the income potential of your branch manager mortgage salary due to fixed salary structures or commission limits imposed by your current employer.

Limited product offerings: You work for a lender that offers a limited range of mortgage products, making it challenging to meet the diverse needs of your clients.

Stifled by corporate constraints: You feel restricted by corporate policies, procedures, and decision-making processes that may not align with your preferred approach.

Lack of client relationship management: You have limited control over your client relationships and prefer to treat them as personal connections—not corporate assets. 

Seeking control over schedule: You’re frustrated with rigid working hours or lack of flexibility in your current work-life balance.

Desire for professional growth: You feel stuck and cannot identify the next branch manager opportunity within your current organization.

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, it may be time to consider looking at new mortgage branch manager jobs that would allow you to work for yourself—instead of someone else. With MortgageRight, even though you’re starting your own mortgage branch, you aren’t doing it alone. You’re doing it with a company that provides distinguished service, experience, and technology to maximize your long-term potential.

Setting Your Mortgage Branch Manager Salary: What Are You Afraid Of?

You’ve already identified areas of your current position you find frustrating. The next step is doing something about it! While taking action can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Acknowledge the challenges and fears first. Then, you can make decisions to move forward.

“I’m afraid of making a change.”

It’s completely natural to want to stay in your comfort zone. You’re familiar with your current branch manager opportunity, whereas what’s next is a big question mark. The discomfort you will initially face pales compared to the benefits you’ll experience once you set your mortgage branch manager salary and become boss of Y-O-U.

“Running the P&L seems complicated.”

If you’re managing the day-to-day operations of your household, news flash—you’re already managing a P&L. You have decision-making authority over everything that affects you and your family. It’s the same when you take on a branch manager opportunity with MortgageRight. Only you aren’t doing it alone! Our team members are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

“Handling processing and underwriting on my own is daunting.”

Once again, you’re never on your own with MortgageRight. Our platform delivers the best pricing on the market, the fastest underwriting turn times, and a guaranteed on-time closing.

Price Right Icon
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  • PriceRIGHT: Better pricing enables you to offer lower rates, attract more business, close more deals, and make more money. 
  • UnderRIGHT: Our Fast-Pass Underwriting system is the best in the business, guaranteeing an unmatched 4-hour underwriting process and same-day clear-to-close.
  • CloseRIGHT: Never miss another deadline again with guaranteed on-time closings, or your next marketing campaign is on us!

With a fully dedicated processor, you have one point of contact at your service to help you function as effectively as possible. At the same time, your underwriter stays on top of your files for you and updates you daily.

“I’m not very good at marketing.”

Not a problem. You’ll work directly with some of the brightest marketers in the business who will leverage MSA platforms, co-branding capabilities, direct mail services, SEO services, lead generation campaigns, and more—all to drive more clients to your business so you can close more deals. 

“I don’t even know how to get started.”

First, we’re always on hand to talk—fill out a contact form, and Mike or Alvaro (branch managers/owners) will reach out. When you partner with MortgageRight to start your own branch manager opportunity, we dedicate our team to you, ensuring a clean transition. An action plan session and customized training for each branch position will help you hit the ground running. Plus, receive complete origination and processing support.

What to Look For in Yourself When Looking for a Branch Manager Opportunity

Setting your own mortgage branch manager salary is just one of the many perks to starting your mortgage branch with a company like MortgageRight. And there aren’t many prerequisites you need to satisfy to move forward:

  • You have digital mortgage experience, making it easier for you to create happy clients who refer you to more business.
  • You have at least 3-years’ experience in the industry, so you’re familiar with the responsibilities of mortgage branch manager jobs.  
  • You have strong leadership skills, can inspire and motivate, make strategic decisions, and provide guidance.
  • You can generate business—the most important piece! Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a robust platform like MortgageRight, your ability to close will get even stronger.

If you’re going to earn a mortgage branch manager salary, you need to focus on what you do best—originating business! That’s why MortgageRight takes care of all the non-money-making administrative tasks for you, like:

  • Payroll
  • Licensing
  • Benefits
  • Audits
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing

Spend your time selling with the best pricing and margins in the industry so you can thrive no matter the market conditions.

About that Mortgage Branch Manager Salary…

The MortgageRight branch model does not have a cap on your compensation or what you can earn (yes, you read that correctly). Not only can you set your own branch manager mortgage salary, but you also determine the way you’re paid. For example, you can pay yourself a combination of a salary and basis points based on your branch production each month.

When you’re working for someone else, you’re beholden to their rules regarding pay and benefits. Some charge a back-end scoop off branch profits. Some implement a “success fee” on closed loans. Some have a long list of costs associated with completing a mortgage transaction. But with MortgageRight, there are no surprises. There’s a flat $995 underwriting fee on all loans, and that’s it. Since you have access to your actual P&L statement for your branch, it’s all there for you to view in black and white.

Calculate your pay raise to see how much more money you could get by earning an extra 50-75 BPS on your volume with MortgageRight.

The Biggest Benefits Beyond Setting your Mortgage Branch Manager Salary

The owners of MortgageRight are producers, too, just like you. So, we’ve spent the last 15 years perfecting a platform to help you Make More. Sell More. Close More. By getting rid of middle management, offering the lowest rates, and sending profits directly to the branch, the MortgageRight business model might be the branch manager job opportunity you’ve been looking for. 

Choose your own everything. Producers run our branches, so you have complete control over your business. You choose the markets in which you want to work. You select the products you wish to sell. You can even pick your staff, from processors to assistants to loan officers. 

Access the decision-makers at any time. When you’re evaluating mortgage branch manager jobs, consider how available the team is. At MortgageRight, you can directly speak with our underwriters, compliance team, and operations team whenever you need.

Sell more loans. Your personal assistant frees you up by disclosing your packages, getting client docs, and keeping everyone updated so that you can focus on sealing the deals. 

Leverage a true P&L model. Most companies employ a retail P&L model, in which your rates are padded to pay for non-producing middle management and corporate bureaucracy. MortgageRight’s true P&L structure means all commissions and bonuses are based on non-padded rates and the number of loans closed. Every dollar you earn or spend is tracked and reported by a life P&L software, giving you the information you need to make real-time business decisions. 

Offer a wider product mix. Stop losing deals to competitors! Your ability to provide all product options means you can close more loans.

Build and lead a team. Once you get onboarded with MortgageRight, the next step is hiring people under you who can help you expand. Having employees you can delegate to can increase your earning potential and free you up to focus on more significant, strategic business initiatives. 

Create your own destiny. You’ve got true financial freedom when you set your own mortgage branch manager salary. You get 100% of what you bring in.

Get the best mortgage rates. Our model is vertically integrated, without layers or padded rates. Say goodbye to the old, bloated corporate structure.

Your Search for Mortgage Branch Manager Jobs Stops Here

If you’re a producer looking for a new branch manager opportunity, look no further. Start your own mortgage branch with MortgageRight. Power your business with cutting-edge technology designed to make lending easier, more efficient, and faster. Plus, get access to marketing services to help you build your business by leveraging our in-house marketing strategy, web development, and social media design teams. You can close deals faster than ever with a fully customizable CRM for your clients and agents. 

This branch manager opportunity comes with full benefits, including medical, dental, vision, 401k, and disability. Plus, enjoy paid holidays and PTO. Because you’re in control of your branch manager mortgage salary, compensation is customized to you, with the opportunity to earn extra in our referral bonus program. At MortgageRight, you get a small-business feel and culture while operating as your own boss. It’s the best of both worlds!

Ask yourself, “Is my boss making 3x my branch manager mortgage salary?” Chances are, the answer is yes! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Stop paying up the ladder to higher-ups who are all over you and your volume. Keep 100% of what you bring in. Once business becomes too much for one person to handle, you can start building your team. It’s not about the “grind-it-out” mentality anymore. Hiring producers underneath you can expand your earning potential and hone your inherent leadership skills. 

Remember, not only do you control the amount you take home in your mortgage branch manager salary, but you also control how you get paid. The company no longer dictates the payment schedule—you do. Many producers have been looking for this level of financial freedom their entire careers. MortgageRight makes it possible. Take a look at what our founders are saying about why they made the decision to work with MortgageRight:

“I always wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to be in control of my career. I knew I could do it better.” —Alvaro Moreira

“I wanted to start a business, to have something that I created. I wanted to build something. When you become a branch manager, you’re really starting something from scratch.” —Mike Russo 

Are you ready to make the smartest business decision of your life? Schedule a live demo of the MortgageRight platform today. You’ll get a first-hand look at everything this tech-forward solution offers. And a proper understanding of how we deliver on our mission—to give customers sincere guidance on their financial needs, provide a low-stress mortgage process for clients