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What MortgageRight Can Offer You

What MortgageRight has to offer

The mortgage industry has been in a rough spot in recent years. The 2023 Mortgage Industry Commission & Retention Report found that 60% of mortgage professionals were living paycheck to paycheck due to inflation, high interest rates, and fewer deals. 

Overworked loan officers and branch managers everywhere are finding it hard to earn the money they deserve. The net branch structure that was in place years ago gave these professionals a level of autonomy, but they still struggled to run their businesses how they wanted. 

At MortgageRight, we understand this challenge and have designed a solution. We provide the support, innovation, and culture burned-out loan officers and branch managers can’t get anywhere else. 

If we have your attention, keep reading. We’re going over what MortgageRight offers and why we’re the best mortgage branch office opportunity out there.


An efficient loan origination process and successful customer management require the right technology. We know our branch managers can’t compete without it, which is why we offer the most cutting-edge tools for mortgage professionals. 

Our branch managers have access to technology that allows them to streamline their operations, optimize their customer experience, and grow their business. Our tools include: 

  • Pricing software 
  • Loan origination systems 
  • A fully-integrated CRM (customer relationship management) 
  • A digital mortgage app 

It’s our goal to provide our managers and their staff with everything they need to streamline the process, from the initial loan application to the closing. Our technology also allows clients to upload documents, making life easier for them and improving the overall experience. This helps boost customer retention rates and improves the branch’s reputation in the industry. 

Branch Benefits 

One of the most unique features of MortgageRight’s platform is the level of support each manager gets. We provide an unparalleled mortgage branch office opportunity by giving every operation an arsenal of tools that allows them to run a successful loan origination business. 

Our managers can offer their clients transparent pricing and the very best rates available. This is possible through our partnerships with top investors such as: 

  • Chase 
  • PennyMac
  • UWN
  • Caliber 
  • Freedom
  • Amerihome 
  • Flagstar 

In addition to competitive pricing and rates, we offer an Upfront Approval Guarantee Program to ensure a smooth mortgage loan process. This helps our branch managers attract more clients and bring in higher revenue. 

We also offer onboarding support for new branches along with startup and marketing funds for managers with a proven track record of success. This removes the stress of transitioning to a new mortgage partner. 

Once a branch is up and running, managers can take advantage of payroll, HR, and accounting teams. This allows them to concentrate on doing what they love – originating loans. 

Finally, MortgageRight provides comprehensive underwriting support to our branch managers. They have a direct line to our underwriting team and can reach them anytime. This is an invaluable resource during the loan approval process. 


To capture as much business as possible, our branch managers need to be able to facilitate all types of loans. We support this with a full range of mortgage product offerings. 

Because MortgageRight is a direct lender, we can offer products with no overlays. Plus, we’re always adding new products to our platform. This is a mortgage branch office opportunity unlike any in the industry. 

Some of the mortgage products our branch managers can offer their clients include: 

  • FHA, VA & USDA loans 
  • Jumbo loans
  • S/E bank statement loans
  • Non-QM products 
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Down payment assistance 
  • One-time close construction loans 
  • Rate buy-down 
  • DSCR and asset depletion 

It’s our goal to provide our managers with as many products as possible so they never need to refer a deal to someone else. We want our branches to have the resources they need to find the best mortgage solution for their customers. 

In-House Marketing

There’s no way to run a successful mortgage business today if you don’t market yourself. The problem many branch managers run into is they simply don’t have the time or know-how needed to execute effective marketing strategies. 

Establishing a brand requires many moving parts. We help our branch managers bring them all together with in-house marketing support

Our team will take care of all the marketing collateral so managers can concentrate on running their branches and originating loans. We will provide: 

  • A branch website 
  • Social media material 
  • Print marketing 
  • Direct mail 
  • Local SEO (search engine optimization)  

In addition to creating these marketing assets, our in-house team can provide support with a lead management system and client retention program. This helps our branches convert leads and measure customer loyalty. 

For our managers who enjoy marketing and have a vision for their branch, we allow the freedom for them to do the work themselves. In fact, we encourage it, which is why this is the perfect mortgage branch office opportunity for those with entrepreneurial spirit. 

Recruiting Specific for a Branch 

Getting things off the ground can be one of the most difficult phases for our new branch managers. Creating a solid infrastructure and building an experienced team is imperative to their success, which is why we do everything we can to help with the recruitment process. 

The MortgageRight platform offers new managers recruiting support at the branch level so they can scale their business. All they have to do is work with our corporate team to get candidates placed at their branch so they have the operational staff they need to start originating loans. 

We help place loan officer assistants, loan processors, and loan officers at new branches so managers can start making revenue right out of the gates. Our recruitment team starts by strategizing with new managers to get an understanding of the level of support they need. This will help them recruit the right professionals for a great mortgage branch office opportunity. 

This service is absolutely free to our new managers. Plus, they remain an integral part of the recruitment process and have a say in every decision. It’s not enough to recruit team members who are good at their jobs, they need to be a good fit too.  

Employee Benefits 

MortgageRight believes in taking care of our partners so they can have the life they want while enjoying a mortgage branch office opportunity based on support. Our employee benefits provide peace of mind so managers can concentrate their efforts on running their branch. 

These benefits include: 

  • A full suite of medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life and disability insurance 
  • An employer-matched 401k program 

On top of these benefits, our platform gives branch managers the chance to operate under a true P&L model that allows them to finally earn what they deserve. They’re no longer burning themselves out only to make a small fraction of what they should. 

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of partnering with MortgageRight is communication. Our managers have a direct line to our support teams and owners. 

We don’t have layers of management making decisions that trickle down to our branches. Instead, our managers maintain all the decision-making power for their business with total support from us. 

The Best Mortgage Branch Office Opportunity in the Industry

Start originating loans on your terms by making MortgageRight the next chapter in your career. Our platform is designed to give you everything you need to succeed and offers a level of freedom you can’t find anywhere else. 

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