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How MortgageRight’s Platform Can Change a Loan Officer’s Career

Darin Hunter Case Study

Darin Hunter is a branch manager with over 20 years in the mortgage industry. As a loan officer, he worked through the subprime mortgage crisis and experienced the subsequent changes to the industry. 

During his career, he pushed back against many of the issues and inconsistencies he experienced and worked to pave his own path. When he partnered with MortgageRight in 2015, not only did he start earning the mortgage branch manager salary he deserved, he also found a company that offered an innovative platform and ethical bedrock that supports success. 

Before Making the Jump to Branch Management 

Darin graduated from the University of Georgia with a banking and finance degree. He initially wanted to become a bond trader, but entering the job market in post-911 America wasn’t easy. Wall Street wasn’t the same and internships were falling through, so he took a job in the mortgage industry. 

“I had some pretty immediate success, mostly because I understood the terminology, understood the lingo, and was able to communicate well with borrowers. I had the ability to help describe and help them understand what the time value of money was and how they can restructure their debt.”

Darin Hunter

Darin ended up running a team with a mortgage company for several years. However, he became discouraged by the state of the industry before the 2007 crash. Seeing consumers getting price gouged didn’t sit right with him, so he left the company to start his own operation. 

Branching Out

Working out of his house, Darin and his business partner built a successful business during the 2007 crash – something that seemed counterintuitive at the time, but worked for them. 

After experiencing quick growth, they moved out of his house, started bringing on more loan officers, and got licensed in more states. This was Darin’s introduction to branching. 

He partnered with a mortgage business, continued building a team, and experienced healthy growth. However, as the company he was partnered with grew, Darin felt like his branch was being neglected. He was finding mistakes with his P&L, felt a complete lack of transparency, and got the impression he was being taken advantage of. 

Discovering MortgageRight

Years later, Darin connected with MortgageRight through a contact, Mike Russo. At the time, Russo was helping MortgageRight establish the branching business they have today. 

Partnering with MortgageRight seemed like a good move. Darin’s only challenge was trusting a company he hadn’t done business with in the past. This is a natural hesitation for any loan officer looking to partner with a new company. 

“When you’re making that transition from one branching opportunity to the next, there’s of course anxiety because you have a pipeline of borrowers and agents that have depended upon you to get these transitions closed. Your worst nightmare is not being able to get those closed.”

– Darin

However, right away Darin felt like he was part of something special. The team was transparent, down-to-earth, and supportive. They listened to the advice of their branches when deciding on the tools they’d use to build their unique platform. 

As a transitioning manager, Darin experienced a level of support with MortgageRight that he never got with his previous company. There were people in place to ensure his transactions were closing during the switch. Not only did this make the move smooth, but it ensured Darin could receive his new mortgage branch manager salary right away. 

Branch Manager Success and Growth With MortgageRight

When Darin started his journey with MortgageRight, it was just him, two loan officers, and one processor. They now have seven loan officers and a processor. However, this has fluctuated with the market. During boom periods, his branch had 12 loan officers and four processors. With MortgageRight, Darin has been able to stay agile enough to maintain success in the industry. 

This success goes beyond revenue. For Darin, it’s about being part of a family that has his back. It’s also about having the support that MortgageRight provides and the respect people give the company. 

In addition to the financial success of earning a top mortgage branch manager salary, Darin had the opportunity to fulfill his entrepreneurial spirit, build a real estate portfolio, own a construction company, and create memories with his family. Much of this is a result of the support MortgageRight provides, which allows him to make the business decisions he wants. 

Advice and Lessons Learned

Darin understands the challenges branch managers face when making the switch to a different company. He’s been through less-than-ideal situations that taught him a lot. He’s also experienced how fulfilling branch management can be with MortgageRight. 

For Darin, trusting the process paid off when he made the transition. He learned quickly that he joined a team that had his best interests at heart. However, he understands the stress that comes with partnering with a new company. 

“I think the key is to keep an open mind and listen. Take the time to learn how MortgageRight can add value to your branch, to your loan officers, and help you exceed your current goals. I think you’ll be incredibly happy that you’ve just taken the time to listen.”

– Darin

How MortgageRight Helps Support Success 

Branch managers who partner with MortgageRight enjoy a platform based on support and transparency. Darin was there at the beginning, and he saw first-hand how the system was set up to promote success.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits.  

Entrepreneurial Freedom

MortgageRight wants managers to run their branches on their terms. This is rare in the branching industry. There’s no micromanaging or forcing managers to use certain technology or advertising tools. 

For example, a branch manager with MortgageRight can market their business the way they want. They also get the chance to build and scale their team and define how their business operates. There’s no control from the top. This is why people with entrepreneurial drive like Darin feel at home with MortgageRight. 

Access to Support Tools 

From the very beginning, the team at MortgageRight has worked hard to create a platform that lets their managers do what they do best – originate loans. They’ve implemented a wealth of support tools to back this up. 

A manager can access underwriting and accounting teams, integrate IT and other technology, and use MortgageRight’s marketing platform. The best part is that managers can use the tools they want when it’s best for them. They’re never pressured into doing anything. 

A Top Mortgage Branch Manager Salary  

While income isn’t a barometer for happiness for managers like Darin, it’s still crucial to bring in revenue and grow. MortgageRight understands this, which is why they allow their managers to set rates and margins. The goal is to make a mortgage branch manager salary that opens doors and gives people the life they’ve always wanted. 

Furthermore, MortgageRight is a direct lender. This allows their branch managers to offer the most competitive rates in the area. Managers also get paid more basis points than any company out there. 

A Culture You Can Count On 

If you’re a branch manager who’s discouraged by inefficiencies, a lack of transparency, or shady business practices, MortgageRight offers an alternative. The team has built a culture based on support and strong communication. Their branch managers have a voice and are encouraged to express ideas and concerns. 

Branch managers who join MortageRight typically stay for a long time. The company feels like a family and they make it a point to provide unwavering support to ensure the success of every branch. 

Grow Your Mortgage Branch Manager Salary 

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