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Are You a Mortgage Unicorn?

Are you a mortgage unicorn

As a loan officer, you’ve got your work cut out for you. There’s always a need for home loans, and US banks anticipate higher demand in 2024. 

Unfortunately, many loan officers get caught in a career trap with large mortgage companies. They work their way up, build an impressive portfolio, and then plateau. This often comes with job burnout, a cap on their income, and unhappiness. 

If you’re a mortgage unicorn (the mythical loan officer who’s a cut above the rest), you shouldn’t accept this fate. Instead, you can start earning a mortgage branch manager salary while unlocking a whole new type of career. 

Don’t Settle: Become a Branch Manager 

If you’re overproducing for your firm but feel underappreciated, running your own mortgage branch will put you in the driver’s seat. Not only will you have more control over how much you earn, you’ll be able to enjoy a more fulfilling career. 

Let’s go over how things will change when you transition to branch management. 

Free Yourself From Corporate Life 

As a loan officer for a large mortgage company, you have little to no voice. You’re not part of the high-level decision-making process. If you don’t agree with an operational change, you have to live with it. 

You’re also bound by the company’s policies and procedures, whether you like it or not. This can make you feel like a cog in a machine you don’t sync with. 

All this goes out the window when you start managing your own mortgage branch. You can set policies that make sense for you and your staff and create a culture that aligns with your ethics and professional philosophy.

Stop Limiting Your Offerings 

As a loan officer, you want to provide the very best solutions for your clients. Not only does this help you originate more loans, it allows you to find creative ways to help people become homeowners. 

Unfortunately, you can’t do this if you work for a lender with limited offerings. You’re bound by their mortgage products, which means you can only do so much for your clients. 

As a branch manager partnered with a good company, you won’t have this problem. You’ll have access to a wide range of mortgage products along with the support you need to provide superior service. This allows you to flex your skills as a mortgage unicorn, boost your local reputation, and diversify your portfolio in ways you couldn’t before. 

Set Your Own Mortgage Branch Manager Salary

It’s a common story in the mortgage industry. Loan officers work hard to produce but don’t earn what they should due to commission limitations or unfair salary structures. 

Many great loan officers don’t get the pay they deserve because part of their commission goes to upper management. They’re doing the work to originate loans so someone else can make more money. 

Don’t let this happen. Partner with a high-quality company and set your own mortgage branch manager salary that lets you earn 100% of what you originate. As a mortgage unicorn, this is the type of financial freedom you deserve. 

Manage Clients the Right Way

As a corporate loan officer, it’s common to feel like your client relationships are out of your control. You may be hindered by company policy or so overworked you simply can’t offer the level of service you want. 

This is one reason why becoming a branch manager is so fulfilling. You get to bring a personal touch to each client, forming meaningful and often long-term professional relationships. The best part – you decide how your branch serves your customers. 

Good client management helps strengthen your reputation as a loan officer and is a great way to bring in more business through word-of-mouth. It also streamlines the loan process, meaning you can handle more business and boost your branch’s revenue. 

Accelerate Your Professional Growth 

Many high-producing loan officers with big mortgage companies make great money. However, they often work for years doing the same thing and never evolve. This is a recipe for unhappiness. 

A branch manager position is a whole different story. You take on a new set of responsibilities that allow you to expand your skill set, get out of your comfort zone, and grow as a mortgage professional. You’ll never do this as an overproducing loan officer. 

In addition to taking on new responsibilities, you’ll get to grow as a loan originator. This is your chance to finally do what you’re passionate about, the way you want to do it. 

Live Life on Your Terms 

Are you sick of the daily grind as a corporate loan officer? It’s a demanding industry with a poor work-life balance that often leaves people depleted. 

Running your own branch is your opportunity to start fulfilling your professional and personal dreams. You get to work the way you like, set your own schedule, and earn a mortgage branch manager salary that opens up opportunities for you or your family. 

The MortgageRight Advantage 

If you’re a loan officer ready to make a mortgage branch manager salary and enjoy professional freedom, you need MortgageRight as your partner. We’ve developed a unique platform that allows our managers to run a true P&L model that opens up their earning potential. 

Here’s what sets us apart: 

Autonomy Coupled With Total Support

We want our managers to run their branches the way they see fit. They can market their business based on their vision, define the origination process, and build their own team. 

That said, we offer a range of support services each manager has at their disposal. This includes marketing, accounting, technology, and access to the mortgage products they need to grow their business. 

Higher Earning Potential 

As a mortgage unicorn, you know your worth. We know it too, which is why our mortgage branch manager salary is better than most out there. 

We pay more basis points than other companies and don’t line our pockets when you bring in business. We also let you set your own margins, which gives your branch a competitive edge and helps you bring in more business. 

Transparent Management 

As a branch manager partnered with MortgageRight, you won’t have to deal with multiple layers of management. You’re in charge, and if you need to talk to an owner, they’re just a phone call away. 

We also encourage our branch managers to speak up if they have an idea or issue they need help resolving. Communication is key when running a successful business, and we do everything we can to support this. 

A Healthy Culture 

It’s our goal to maintain a culture based on respect and transparency. We don’t believe in micromanaging and strive to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

It’s also important to us that branch managers don’t feel pressured. You’ll never get the sense that you’re being pushed into anything. This is your chance to finally embrace the freedom of a company that cares about your future. 

Enjoy the Mortgage Branch Manager Salary You Deserve

Stop burning yourself out at a company that doesn’t appreciate what you do for them. Make the switch to branch management with a partner who has your back. 

Ready to make the mortgage branch manager salary you’ve dreamed of? 
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