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Make a mortgage branch manager salary with mortgageright

It used to be that most people had one job for their entire career. This is not the case anymore. A recent Department of Labor survey found that the average person holds 12 different jobs by the age of 50 to find the “right fit.” For some, this means changing career paths completely. For others, like the loan officers who come to MortgageRight to deal with fewer inefficiencies and earn more, a simple switch of jobs within their career field might be a big enough change to be the exact right fit. If you’re looking to earn a mortgage branch manager salary, are frustrated with your current company, and think you might be ready to strike out on your own, read on.  

Ready to make a mortgage branch manager salary?

Are you a branch manager or loan officer who: 

  • Suspects you might have picked the wrong partner? 
  • Often feels unsupported and even overlooked at work? 
  • Struggles with being over-managed at your current job? 
  • Is unhappy with your mortgage branch manager salary
  • Feels out of place in your work culture?
  • Has to jump through too many hoops to get the job done?
  • Needs to make a change?

Do you regularly hit your numbers, work hard, work on the business not in the business, and dislike micromanagement? 

Production aside (we know you can produce), if you’re not happy where you are, talk to us today. 

Warning signs your workplace might be a bad fit:

It’s all about the culture

What’s ten times more important than pay—the biggest reason people leave their jobs? It’s culture. From a Glassdoor review, including even pre-pandemic workers, from about 600 companies, researchers found negative work culture to be the #1 reason people quit their jobs

MortgageRight understands this and has high standards for work culture. “The team culture at MortgageRight is what I appreciate most about working here. I never have to worry about my files closing on time. They always have my back.” – Darin Hunter, Branch Manager

We let you have the freedom to build your relationships and business the way that works best for you and trust that you know what you’re doing. At MortgageRight, we form authentic professional relationships with our mortgage brokers and have a deep understanding of the industry. No other company has a platform that gives you the freedom to do things your way. 

Be happy. 

Why does happiness matter at work? 

  • First of all, it is physically and emotionally healthier to spend the majority of your waking hours happy and optimistic. The opposite of that state of mind is a stressed approach to work that takes a huge toll on your body and can lead to serious health problems. 
  • Improved and genuine work relationships promote the building of skills and resources, which improves problem-solving and creative thinking skills all around. Happiness at work increases your bottom line. 

To have genuine friendships through work, to trust your work peers, and to be optimistic increases skills, health, and your bottom line. 

Everyone needs support. 

If you have good support at your job, your quality of life improves. Your stress decreases (remember how dangerous stress is to health) and you’re far less likely to burn out at your job. Quality support can also lessen anxiety and headaches. People are thought to have a pack mentality. We work better together. 

Are you being micromanaged?

“I know what I’m doing so I don’t need to be micromanaged. This platform gives me the freedom to really be in control of my branch.”  – Jim Prince, Branch Manager 

If you’ve been micromanaged at work, you know how quickly trust breaks down. Micromanagement is less efficient, costs more for the company in the long run, and increases anxiety and stress in workers. If you’re micromanaged at work, it might be time to look for the next step in your career. 

Are you ready for a branch manager opportunity?

  • Certain work cultures promote a scarcity mindset in terms of opportunities for branch managers and loan officers. If you’re passed over for new and better opportunities at work, it might be time to pivot. 
  • If you signed a non-compete agreement, more often than not, these documents are not that tight. You might have more wiggle room than you think. 
  • When you can’t close loans in your current position, it might be time to grasp a new branch manager opportunity and make the jump over to MortgageRight. Schedule a demo today to learn more. 

Is the transition to MortgageRight right for you?

If you’re looking for better pricing, a quicker underwriting process, and guaranteed on-time closings, MortgageRight might be the exact fit for you. We offer our mortgage branch managers a true partnership with authentic support. Your voice is heard and your thoughts matter. 

Benefits beyond earning a Mortgage branch manager salary  

We might be biased, but we think the benefits of MortgageRight are undeniable. 

  • We understand the industry from the inside out. Started nearly 20 years ago by three experts in the industry, we know what’s wrong and have come up with solutions to make working easier and more beneficial to our loan officers. We give each branch manager the opportunity to grow at their own pace. 
  • There are fewer layers of management here. Like a franchise, the branch manager is now in charge. This also means that with fewer people taking a cut of your sales, you’re getting higher pay. 
  • When you’re selling, there are multiple moving parts. With fewer levels of management to work through, communication improves and loans get closed. 
  • Because of these fewer layers of management and our trusting and empowering work culture, there is more freedom to operate in a way that works best for you and less micromanaging
  • We operate with transparency. Rates and pricing platform details are not hidden from loan officers. You will see P&L statements for your branch with no hidden fee surprises. Each branch manager stays completely in the know every step of the way.
  • We pride ourselves on our wonderful work culture. We think of Mortgage Right as a support system for our mortgage brokers—available whenever you need us. We are true partners. Because we treat people well and give them the freedom they want, we see longevity in our employees’ terms with us. 
  • In-house marketing. From website design to lead system management to direct mail marketing and more, we’ve got you covered. 
  • With lower rates and higher earnings, the proof is in our sales. We can help you double your earnings

We have more branch manager opportunities than our competition. Through technology support, branch benefits like clear pricing and speedy underwriting, access to all our products, and marketing teams to handle your specific campaigns, MortgageRight is the support you need for higher earnings and better work-life balance. 

You aren’t alone. 

It’s helpful to seek professional advice about how and when to change jobs. If you’re looking at MortgageRight as a new branch manager opportunity, please reach out to connect. We’d love to see if we might be exactly the change you need.

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