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Why the Tech Stack Matters in Mortgage Branch Opportunities

Why the right mortgage technology matters

Imagine offering your clients the ability to close on a mortgage as easily as they order something on Amazon. That’s the expectation today’s modern mortgage shopper has—and if you open your own branch with MortgageRight, you can offer the best customer benefits from day one. 

MortgageRight isn’t a net branch! Partnering with us gives you access to the latest and greatest tools and resources—like nCino—that can accelerate your business and help you close more deals. That’s not the only competitive advantage you’ll experience with MortgageRight. 

Learn more about our company’s true profit-and-loss (P&L) model and why more branch managers and loan officers are looking at our alternative mortgage branch opportunities.

Branch Managers and Customers Will Go Where the Technology Leads Them

It’s not just customers who want a seamless shopping experience—branch managers and loan officers prioritize tech too. They’re just as likely to leave for branch manager opportunities that offer better technologies than they are for a pay raise! A digital mortgage is one way technology can integrate into the application process. 

At MortgageRight, we give our team access to innovative partners like nCino, a leader in the digital mortgage space, which can be attractive to new officers looking for more control of their tech stack.

Why Do Tools Like Digital Mortgages Matter?

When you make it easier for your customer, you make it easier for you. Removing as many roadblocks as possible to clear the path to close benefits both parties involved. Unlike net branches of the past, MortgageRight leads with compliance, support, technology and offers mortgage branch opportunities that are on trend, not old school. nCino’s Mortgage Suite can automate mortgage operations, resulting in an 80% decrease in loan closing time and a 49% improvement in average cycle time. 

Translation? More deals, faster. 

And for your customer, this transforms one of the most dreaded parts of the home-buying process into something hassle-free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload photos of documentation directly to the platform.
  2. Sync directly with the customer’s bank, instantly pulling account details and employer info.
  3. Access pay stubs and submit them automatically.
  4. Compile their preapproval letter themselves.
  5. Stay home to seal the deal. No more going into the lawyer’s office with nCino’s E-closing competent.

There’s no pressure on your borrowers to use nCinco—it’s simply an added value you can offer, better positioning yourself against competitors and increasing customer service satisfaction at every step.

Why Borrowers Love Digital Mortgage Tools

Digital is simple. Homebuying is hard enough, so borrowers will do anything to catch a break. Digital mortgage technology simplifies the mortgage application process, making it more straightforward and less time-consuming. Platforms that support digital mortgages often allow for easy document upload, electronic signatures, and online application processes, which can be done anywhere at any time, eliminating the need to visit your office physically​​.

What you see is what you get. It’s truth-bomb time. Borrowers benefit from greater transparency throughout the loan process. Digital platforms typically provide real-time updates on the application status, loan approval process, and any required actions on the borrower’s part. This continuous flow of information helps reduce anxiety and uncertainty during a stressful time​​.

It’s fast and efficient. Digital mortgages can significantly reduce the time from application to closing. Automation and streamlined processes eliminate many of the manual tasks associated with traditional mortgages, thereby speeding up the approval and closing processes. This means borrowers can gain access to their new homes or refinance benefits more quickly​​​​.

It’s customized to their needs. This is one example where “me culture” works to your advantage. Digital tools and platforms can often offer personalized mortgage recommendations based on the borrower’s financial situation and needs. By analyzing a borrower’s data, digital mortgage technologies can suggest the most suitable loan products, terms, and rates, enhancing customer experience​​.

Why Mortgage Branch Opportunities Offering Digital Mortgage Tools Win the Day

It lowers your costs and increases efficiency. Digital mortgages automate many manual processes involved in mortgage lending, from application to underwriting to closing. This automation reduces the time and labor costs of processing mortgages, increasing overall operational efficiency​​​​. #winning

Experience improved accuracy and compliance. Typos? Oh no. Automation helps reduce errors associated with manual data entry, ensuring all necessary documentation is collected and correctly filed. This also helps maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of costly errors​​.

Make your customers happier. Providing a faster, more convenient, and transparent mortgage process gives borrowers the feels (good ones too!). Satisfied customers are more likely to return for future lending needs and to refer others, helping you build a positive reputation and increase your customer base​​​​.

Gain a competitive advantage. You’re not a regular loan officer. You’re a cool loan officer who adopts digital mortgage technologies to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. A modern, efficient, and borrower-friendly process can make you more attractive to tech-savvy consumers who value convenience and speed​​.

Don’t guess—decide with data. Leave your Magic Eight Ball behind. Digital platforms can collect and analyze vast amounts of data, giving lenders valuable insights into market trends, customer behavior, and loan performance. This data can inform strategic decisions, help identify growth opportunities, and enable you to effectively tailor your products and services to meet market demands​​.

What a Lack of Digital Mortgage Tools Says About a Company

As you consider mortgage branch opportunities, look into each company’s tech stack. You can tell a lot about a place by what it offers to borrowers because that’s exactly what you will be stuck with if you decide to work there. If a company lacks digital mortgage tools, it likely relies on traditional, manual processes for mortgage applications and closings, which could mean more paperwork, in-person meetings, and potentially slower loan processing times. What a snoozefest. With MortgageRight, you can use all the digital tools available to you. Right now, it’s an extra cost to add nCino to your branch, with a $99 file fee and a $140 cost-per-user—but at the end of the day, it’ll be absorbed into the compensation you receive from closing the deal.

The absence of digital offerings could also reflect a company’s overall approach to innovation and technology. It might indicate a more conservative, risk-averse culture that could influence how new ideas or strategies are received and implemented within the organization. MortgageRight’s culture of entrepreneurship rewards future-forward thinking and encourages branch managers and loan officers to try new technologies instead of shying away from them.

Working in an environment without digital tools might limit your exposure to technologies becoming standard in the industry. This could impact your professional development and marketability in the future as digital skills are increasingly in demand. Don’t get rusty. Stay on top of your game by knowing the latest apps that make life easier for borrowers—and deals easier to close for you. 

MortgageRight Shifts Away from the Conventional Mortgage Branch Blueprint

MortgageRight’s approach to mortgage branch opportunities offers more control and flexibility to branch managers, a true P&L model without income caps or padded rates, dedicated support, and a culture that emphasizes transparency and direct communication. This modern take on the mortgage branch model means more long-term success, a greater ability to grow your business, and achieving the elusive work/life balance (insert angels singing here).

You can also say bye-bye to bureaucracy and red tape, often challenges in larger organizations, allowing for quicker decision-making and adaptation to changes. With this leaner structure, you can retain more revenue, reinvest in your branches, and potentially earn significantly more. From its robust tech stack with apps like nCino to its upfront approval guarantee, MortgageRight arms its branch managers and loan officers with the tools you need to convert leads into loans—especially appealing to today’s modern mortgage shopper looking for ease and autonomy. 

Digital mortgage solutions open you up to access more clients. You know, those who refuse to talk to anyone on the phone? They also allow you to scale, turning manual tasks into automated ones so you can manage an enormous amount of buyers. Dive deeper into mortgage branch opportunities with MortgageRight. 

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