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Becoming the Best Branch Manager at MortgageRight

James Cokinos Case Study

James Cokinos has been working toward running his own branch and earning a mortgage branch manager salary for over a decade. He started his rise up the ladder working in telesales with one goal–to be the best.

Throughout his career, he found success by working hard and focusing on relationships. When he partnered with MortgageRight in 2012, he was looking for a place to reach his full potential and ended up finding a growth opportunity and a culture where he thrived. 

Before Making the Jump to Branch Management 

Starting in telemarketing taught James to leverage his positive attitude and tenacity. He entered the mortgage industry in 2012 and spent the next several years working his way up. He left his first industry role to become a loan officer after rising in the ranks to manage an entire branch of sales-motivated intake specialists. 

“Within the first year, I was the top loan officer for the company I was working at. And then I was the top loan officer every single year after that, up until about two years ago when I decided to make the move over to Mortgage Right.”

– James Cokino

Once he had worked his way to the top of another position, even ranking in Scotsman Guide’s top 1% of mortgage lenders in terms of production several times over the past four to five years, he was ready for a new challenge.

Branching Out

His success as a loan officer was proving to be consistent and repeatable, which led to the idea that running his own branch might be the next logical step. James was determined to succeed and earn a mortgage branch manager salary, but he knew it would take a lot of hard work and some luck, especially in early 2022 when fluctuating interest rates were driving dramatic shifts in the market. 

In the next opportunity, James knew what he wanted. A bigger say in his own success and a culture where transparency, hands-off management, and mutual trust were the norm topped his wish list. In previous jobs he exceeded expectations, but cultural snags like outdated processes and micromanagement always held him back. James’ passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit deserved to be rewarded — so he took another leap.

Discovering Mortgage Right

James got connected to MortgageRight through a friend. After meeting the team and learning about the opportunity, he decided that it was a fit. He’d been looking for a partner to grow his career with, and a place where he could learn the ropes of running his own branch on the job. With guidance from a supportive partner, and oversight mainly focused on compliance, James saw the opportunity to set his goals as high as he wanted and be rewarded for it. 

Since he started with MortgageRight, James’ goal has been to be the best branch manager anyone has ever seen. He attributes some of his success so far to the support MortgageRight provided in his first six months on the job. Fresh from his role as a loan officer, he needed guidance while he learned the basics of running his own branch. The company helped him ramp up, and trusted him to make decisions about his branch while he learned. Now two years into his new career, he’s no longer finding his footing — he’s gaining traction and getting better every day.

“I love the freedom of being trusted to call the shots. Especially on a financial level because that’s, you know, the company does a very good job of keeping you compliant, but what they don’t do is have their finger in your business every step of the way.”

– James Cokino

Removing the layers of corporate red tape that held him back in previous roles taught James new ways to grow his business and manage the responsibilities of his new leadership position. The culture of trust and transparency let him start living up to the potential he always knew he was capable of, while earning a mortgage branch manager’s salary. The balance of freedom and support, especially in such an emotionally charged industry, highlighted the importance of culture to James, who’s focused on maintaining a positive work culture at his branch.

Branch Manager Success and Growth With MortgageRight

Continuing his upward momentum, James has thrived in the years since starting his branch. He increased his mortgage branch manager salary quickly and consistently, getting his branch to where it is today, still small, but growing fast. His Northern California office already tops the company’s list in terms of monthly funded volume more often than not, but James is determined to keep working hard until it’s the best of the best. 

James discovered a new set of challenges since becoming a branch manager. He has to split his time between bringing in deals, supporting his team, and finding new ways to grow his business. The hands-off culture comes with responsibilities, and knowing he could single-handedly sink the branch is stressful. But James believes that focusing on doing his best will lead to success, and he’s always been more than willing to strive to reach his goals.

Advice and Lessons Learned

Branch management is a great fit for James because he thrives in the freedom to run his branch his way. He’s careful to note that it’s not for everyone, despite the mortgage branch manager salary. His personality and passions have helped him get where he wants to be, and that work ethic and grit form the core of his success with MortgageRight. 

“How successful you are is really dependent on you. And MortgageRight really facilitates that. There’s less red tape, less hierarchy to jump through; it’s, you know, sky’s the limit.”

– James Cokino

Building a trusting relationship with business owners has solidified James’ love for the branch manager job. According to James, a culture where the employees care about the business and its leaders motivates them to work their hardest and succeed together.

How MortgageRight Helps Support Success 

A Branch Manager who partners with MortgageRight gains access to a platform based on support and transparency. James’ work ethic elevated him to a successful career, and partnering with MortgageRight gave him the tools and support to exceed his expectations.

Better culture

MortgageRight’s culture gives branch managers the control they need while pairing them with like-minded people who believe in building something that will last. Transparency at all levels of the company forms a foundation of trust that is supportive without being overwhelming.

Less micromanaging

A hands-off approach to oversight beyond strict compliance regulations means there are fewer layers separating leadership from everyone else. Micromanaging isn’t something MortgageRight believes in, instead, it’s focused on removing barriers that slow growth by letting branch managers run their branches their own way.

Communication and transparency

Branch Managers can pick up the phone and talk to a MortgageRight owner anytime they want. 

The company places a high value on honesty and openness and believes in sharing rates openly with its team and having open communication channels. 

MortgageRight partners get everything they need to run their branch right out of the gate. And you can choose to use the support systems at your disposal, or not. Take the first step toward branch management with a partner who’s got your back.

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