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Not a Net Branch—But Even Better. How to Go from Mortgage Loan Officer to Branch Manager.

From a loan officer to a branch manager

It’s time to turn the daydream into a reality. If you’re wondering what life would be like if you worked for yourself, the answer is—yes, it could be that good. While it might sound intimidating to become a branch manager, the fact of the matter is you’ve got the talent, skills, and know-how to make it happen. Instead of assuming the job requires more than you’re capable of, let us clue you in. MortgageRight helps loan officers just like you transition to become their own boss. It’s not a net branch. And it’s not a pipe dream, either. It’s a real opportunity available to you right now. So, let’s dive in.

Are You Sure This Isn’t One of Those Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities?

A net branch typically refers to a branch office or satellite office that operates under the umbrella of a larger company or organization, with little regulation and oversight. This arrangement allows the branch to conduct business while benefiting from the resources, support, and infrastructure provided by the parent company. In return, the net branch may share a portion of its revenue with that parent company. MortgageRight, however, is not a net branch. It’s an opportunity to open your own branch and become a mortgage branch manager for yourself. If you’re ready for that next step in your career, this could be the perfect fit. MortgageRight supports their branch managers with all the non-moneymaking tasks so that you’re free to focus on bringing in business.

What Am I Responsible for as a Branch Manager?

All branch managers have to do is originate new mortgages. That’s it. Unlike brokers, who handle everything about their business, branch managers can rely on MortgageRight to tackle administrative tasks. The back-end office deals with payroll, human resource issues, and employee benefits, like 401k, health, vision, and dental. Admins handle audits and compliance. Even marketing is taken off your plate! You do about 10% of the grunt work branch managers normally deal with because the rest is handled by Mortgage Right.   

Where Do I Start If I Want to Become a Branch Manager?

The fact that you’re here, reading this blog, means you’re heading in the right direction. Knowledge is power! As many in your field did with net branch opportunities in years past, you are looking for a structure that gives you the freedom to advance your career. Once you understand how MortgageRight offers similar flexibility seen in those branch opportunities of the past with the support and compliance to succeed in today’s market, you can focus on the best next step for you and your career. Consider taking the time to have a conversation with an experienced branch manager who can help set you up for future success on your own timeline. Contact the seasoned team at MortgageRight today. 

What Would the Day-to-Day Support Be Like for a Branch Manager?

Unlike a net branch, your branch will have a dedicated support team to address your needs, answer any questions, or troubleshoot issues that arise. You’ll be on a first-name basis with the people on your team who matter most to you, like the underwriters. Through Intranet and live support, you’ll have resources at the ready—no more waiting and wondering! Want access to a report? You’ve got 24-hour access to P&L reports, so you always know exactly where your business stands. From total sales income and origination and closing fees to advertising, utilities, or bank charge expenses, if you request it, MortgageRight reports it.

What About MortgageRight’s Marketing?

When you start your own branch and become a branch manager, one of the biggest benefits of working with MortgageRight is getting access to our full suite of marketing tools. Marketing and advertising play a huge role in attracting clients, but your time is better spent originating loans, not pretending to be Don Draper on Mad Men. The Branch Marketing Support Team is available to help you from the simplest to the most complex of tasks. Implement a campaign. Create a brand from scratch. Use outreach like emails, social media posts, or even phone calls to generate buzz and build your business. In addition, support services include:

  • Online Digital Marketing
  • Print and Web Design
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Branding
  • SEO Development
  • Branded Swag

The Branch Marketing Support Team isn’t just responsible for building and implementing the campaigns. They’re also responsible for delivering results. Performance reports enable you to track what’s working, monitoring metrics like leads generated, the cost per lead, and channel effectiveness.

Be Honest. You’re Burnt Out, Aren’t You?

Leave your loan officer position behind. You could make more doing less. By becoming a branch manager, 90% of the menial or tedious tasks are handled by MortgageRight. There’s a reason our branch managers and loan originators stay with us as long as they do. That employee longevity is something we’re truly proud of. But when you have lower rates and higher earnings, is it any surprise? Our entrepreneurial culture rewards those who take risks, capitalize on opportunities, and build upon them for the future. This small-business mindset means no micromanaging. You’re your own boss for a reason, but you’re never on your own. With branch support and direct access to decision-makers like the underwriters and department heads, answers are always within reach. The owners of MortgageRight are also very involved in the company’s daily operations, so if a first-name basis is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it.

You can experience more freedom than ever because again, you’re the boss. You set your hours. You decide your compensation. You control your P&L. There are fewer layers of management, much like a franchise, which streamlines operations and enables us to offer straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. Transparency is key. Nothing is hidden from loan officers. Branch managers are in the know about it all. So you can always offer your clients the best deals at the most competitive prices. Experience this for yourself, even before you decide between mortgage branch opportunities. Use the Pricing Polygraph tool to see just how much more money you could be earning with MortgageRight.

Can Your Branch Offer Guaranteed On-Time Closings?

One of MortgageRight’s biggest selling points is our guaranteed on-time closings. While other mortgage branch opportunities might spout similar claims, will they pay for your next marketing campaign to back it up? In fact, our Fast-Pass underwriting system is typically a four-hour process. It doesn’t get any faster than that. Remember, fewer layers of management means simplicity and ease. There are enough moving parts to closing a loan—with better communication across a more streamlined team, you can get deals done, so you can move on to the next one. As a branch manager, you’ll have access to a wide product mix, so you never have to worry about losing business to a competitor. 

What Are You Waiting For? Opt for MortgageRight.

Lower rates. Higher earnings. Better culture. Increased freedom. Less micromanaging. All these things could be your new reality—not just your daydream. Consider the switch from loan officer to branch manager. Or pivot from researching mortgage branch opportunities and schedule a live demo of the MortgageRight platform today instead. Witness first-hand what life could be like on the other side of stressed out.

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